Weight loss help :S

Hey Everyone :) I am so confused and need help/input. :(

I started my weight loss journey about 2 months ago and was steadily losing weight (usually 1-3 pounds/week).

Two weeks ago, I went away on vacation for a week but I worked out hard when I was gone and managed to lose 3 pounds while away.

This week, I have somehow managed to gain 6 pounds in 6 days and I am not sure what is causing it.

Some things that have changed.

1. I started eating protein bars. Looking at my diary, I ate anywhere from 40 g to 127 g of protein each day. (note: I usually only eat 1-2 protein bars a day. I get the rest of my protein from chicken, eggs, etc.)
Note: I am currently doing T25 and am in the gamma phase (and use 8 pound weights to work out)

2. I started a new job where I am standing on my feet 8 hours a day. Usually, before I used to work out at night before bed (probably not a good thing to do but it was working for me. but now I come home and my legs are aching so I usually crash and work out before work).

3. Having said all of this, my calorie goal for each day is 1200 calories. But I usually eat back my exercise calories and so I consume around 1500 calories a day. (So far this has been working for me.)
This week, I went over my calories by the following amounts on the following days: (Note: I usually do go over my calorie amount (even with the exercise but I still lose weight))

- Sunday: Deficit of 42 calories
- Monday: Over by 1862 calories
- Tuesday: Deficit of 357 calories
- Wednesday: Over by 232 calories
- Thursday: Over by 17 calories
- Friday: Over by 475 calories

I understand that I went over a lot (especially Monday). But there's no way I went over by even 3,500 calories. :( So what's going on??


  • LunaZuriel
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    To much protein can make you gain weight..Hmm.(Happened to me a few times, but everyone is different) Maybe not eat all of your calories back after you workout, unless your starving. I usually workout at night, because I have trouble falling asleep, so working out helps me fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Nightcometh
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    Don't eat back calories.
  • _KitKat_
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    Diary is private, so unable to help with that. 6lbs, can be water weight. I fluctuate 4lbs everyday depending on time. Standing all day can cause some water weight, the protein bars could be high in sodium, time in your hormone cycle all these things can cause this. If it is water weight, it will go away and shouldn't worry you.

    I don't know your stats


    An 1800 calorie overage will wipe out almost 2 days of 2lb loss deficient but a weeks work on a 1/2 lb per week deficient. Unless it is over maintenance then it is not weight gain. 1000 cal per day deficient under TDEE is about 2lb per week loss. One lb equals about 3500 calories.

    Weigh all solid foods, measure liquids, count everything (cooking oils, condiments, just a bite) and careful with exercise calories, if using MFP method you should eat them back but most only eat 50%-75% of them back....if using TDEE then no need to eat them back because they are already figured in.
  • melaniecheeks
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    What was your very over calorie day? Was it something highly salty like a Chinese? Could be water retention as a result of the high sodium content.