Exercise for one arm.

Hello all. My mother is really trying to lose weight and exercise but we are having some issues finding things she can do. My mother was hit by a car when she was 4 so her right arm is completely useless. It is still there so she can use it for balance a little bit but there are not many core exercises and upper body strength training she can do. She is 56 and she also has COPD so we have to take it slow with her. I am willing to take any suggestions. She has talked to her doctors and they are not helping with any particular exercises just telling her she needs to lose weight. Any suggestion would be very helpful.
Thank you.


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    I am so sorry wrong forum
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    Any activity in a pool would be a great option to look at.
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    May not be relevent if you are just looking for upper body, but I have managed to lose quite a bit with walking on a daily basis. Could possibly use light weights (dumbbell) for good arm, they will help to strengthen that arm.
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    Is there any possibility she could gradually strengthen the weak arm?

    If so, squeezing a tennis or squash ball or one of those squeeze coil things designed for rehab (sorry I don't know the name of it). Then doing some exercises with a set of the wee lady dumbbells (you know, the pink ones). She could then pick up some adjustable ones.
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    I agree with the pool posting. While no two experiences are the same I too was involved in a car accident and ended up having two surgeries. BUT--I am doing pool fitness at our local YMCA and it's been wonderful.
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    My father-in-law has emphysema and stays active by doing a daily walk and lifting 10-15lb dumbbells.

    Try a stationary bike.

    Swimming is also good exercise, but I would ask her doctor about it beforehand since she has breathing issues and a weak arm. Water aerobics could be a better option, just let the teacher know beforehand about her arm.

    For strengthening her good arm, she could do resistance exercises. She can do these with or without bands. One example with bands would be the arm raise. One example without would be a modified push up using a wall or possibly a counter. She should only attempt the counter if she is strong enough and has good balance because she would need to put her body at more of an angle. I wouldn't recommend doing the push up against a counter if her arm is very weak or if she is a fall risk, but pushing against a hard wall is probably okay since she wouldn't need to lean as far back. She could use that as a starting point and then try the counter when she is more comfortable with it and feels strong enough.
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    Incline stationary bike would be my suggestion. She can add resistance as she gets stronger.
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    Thank you all so much for your suggestions. She will never be able to use her right arm again unfortunately. I am defiantly going to try to get her in a pool and walking in a cool environment. Again thank you.
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    A stationary bike is what I would recommend as well.