Trying to keep myself motivated (pic)

The past 2 years have been kinda crazy for me. I had lost 30lbs in 3 months then just kinda left things alone quit actually trying to lose weight and ended up gaining 20lbs of the 30 i lost back...I would do good for a week then fall back off the wagon for 2 years! life just kept getting in the way and i didnt make time for myself. But i am really trying to stick with it this time and get back to where i was when i was doing well and losing weight and constantly getting better...At least my body dosent look as bad as it used to lol im only about 10lbs down from where i was when i actually started trying to lose weight but about 25lbs from my highest weight when i delivered my daughter. I just wanted to post this to help keep me motivated and maybe help some of you stay motivated as well, and even though 10lbs dosent seem like much it really is! This difference is only about 10lbs but my body has totally changed!