Half Assing my Weight Loss Lately.



  • amandarawr06
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    Sign up for something challenging. Something you'd need to train for. A race, preferrably of the mud variety.

    I did an 8k mud race two weekends ago! It gave me a mega boost but now I am just falling back out of it!

    That's fantastic!!

    Now find a harder one.

    I JUST signed up for another one in September! So I am going to keep that in mind everyday!
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    For the last few months I have been having some major struggles staying on track. Since last May, I have lost 49lbs, 2 pant sizes and a shirt size. I have been going through the motions... working out 3+ times a week. I tend to have 2-3 really good eating days a week but then somewhere along the way I screw up and overeat (WAY overeat) 2-3 days a week.

    I feel like I am having a huge mental struggle to get back into it. I am just looking for ways to get motivated. Does anybody have any suggestions?

    I know how you feel. I lost 40lbs in 6 months and then i just got complacent and went to the gym twice a week but my eatting has just been crappy ill try to eat healthy and then i wash it down with a cheeseburger lol. What I did today to try to get myself back on track was set new goals and a reward for achieving them and then a plan of attack for the gym and my diet. Im doing short term though like 1 month so I dont get frustrated
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    Amanda - just want to let you know you are not alone. The description of your situation is exactly mine (even down to the pounds lost.) I keep plugging away, even though I'm stalled at the moment and irritated with myself. Just wanted you to know there are more of us out here, and I thank you for your post!
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    just another post to say you're not the only one. I went through about 6 months last fall that I gained back about 10 pounds. However I thankfully kept up my heavy lifting program so I didn't backslide as bad since it was basically a bulk but it wasn't the best thing when I am trying to lose weight as well. I think a lot of us go through it about midway or as we get closer to our goals where things don't happen and we start to lose the motivation and start to have more bad days been good.. I didn't get my motivation back until summer came around and I realized last summers clothes were loose so even if the scale hadn't moved inches had.
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    Close out all of the outside distractions & go to your quiet place. Grab a blank pad of paper and a pen. Draw a line down the middle of the paper. Write out the positives and negatives of the lifestyle change choice you've made.

    Its a way to empty the mind, clear your head and remind you of the things you've accomplished & the many benefits of the choices you've made.

    Keep plugging away.

    We are here for you as needed :)
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    i know that if i have a race a few months down the line, i tend to eat better and exercise with more purpose.

    sign up for a race, and see if that motivates you.
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    First, congrats on the weight loss!! Now, start with asking yourself, why you fall off the wagon occasionally. Something must be happening between the good and bad days. I think once you know these triggers, you can work on ways to prevent them.
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    I couldn't feel more like that at all right now!! I myself have been going through major personal issues that have absolutely sidetracked my fitness, eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. I keep telling myself, "I'll get back on track tomorrow, or Monday, etc" and then I get to that day and find it hard to or an excuse as to why not to.
    Keep your head up and try and get refocused. It didn't take over night to lose all this weight (as you know) and it certainly won't come back on overnight either.
  • jennifer_417
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    This is exactly where I'm at too. I don't know what else to add except just to say it's kind of good to know I'm not the only one! I've lost 50 and have 35 to go and feel like I've been spinning my wheels for weeks! Thanks for all the advice here!
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    Know this, you will only get out if it what you put into it. That has helped me. Think of why you are wanting to lose the weight and keep those thoughts in your mind. Let your progress motivate you. Don't give up. If you gain, it happens, turn it around, just want it bad enough and do what you need to do to get there.
  • Deipneus
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    I feel like I am having a huge mental struggle to get back into it. I am just looking for ways to get motivated. Does anybody have any suggestions?
    The mental struggle is the hardest part of weight loss and fitness in my experience, yet 99% of the talk on MFP is about the physical input/output. All I can tell you is that, for me, it helped to compartmentalize each day. If I do the right thing today, I'm successful. If I fail today, I can be a success again tomorrow. Putting off feeling successful until I hit some weight goal wasn't working for me. I've been on maintenance for two years. It's still a mental struggle, but a manageable one.
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    Boom! Now that is over. :wink:

    If it is every 2 or 3 days between a splurge - try to make it 3 or 4 days, then 5 or 6 days. You'll be fine. You have lost a bunch already. You had your fun now it's time to finish the job.

    Pick manageable goals.

    Good luck!

    P.E. - I loved the thread title. Perfect!
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    I feel your pain. I have been that way for a few months myself. I got back on track and then got back out of it again. I've had a HELL of a time with allergies and sinuses this year. We've had a HORRIBLE winter and then a few issues at home too. I think I'm a little depressed. I usually snap out of it and since it's summertime, I will probably do so soon. Hot sun and pool time make me so very happy. Now that we are over 2 weeks of severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings and torrential rains, I am excited to get in the pool this afternoon. I hope that this nice, hot weather snaps me out of my funk soon. I haven't really gained any weight, but I'm not losing either. I want to lose about 15-20 more pounds AND tone up. I just haven't been in the mental state to do it. Here's a nice swift kick in the rear for ya and hope you return one to me. :happy:
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    Amanda - good of you to post about your concerns. First, congratulations on what you have accomplished. Half way to your goal - Awesome!!
    You appear to have a routine that works as long as you honor it. It sounds like accountability is part of the problem you face. Do you use MFP for that or do you have a real person who you see daily that can help? If you need some extra virtual accountability/ encouragement, feel free to add me as a friend.
    Also another reply suggests shaking things up and changing your routine. This is good if you have gotten bored with the current routine (even though it's working), and just can't get motivated any more.
    One other suggestion is if you are tempted by a particular food when you "cheat", is it possible to remove that food from your home? Perhaps there are some healthier options for you to insert into your diet that will give you an out for when you need to indulge a little (great time of year for fresh produce).
    Change may be warranted to help move you to the next phase of your journey. Looks like a lot of good ideas provided in the replies to your post. Best of luck and remind yourself why you are doing this!!!

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    stand in front of a full length mirror in your underwear... happy? no? put down the cake and go work out!

    OK, but only cause it's really hard to work out and eat cake at the same time...imma be back for it later though.