Today is one year!! (pics)



  • Amazing transformation!!!!! Great work! What an inspiration!
  • I am so impressed. Thanks for posting the pictures. Everyone always says 30 lbs makes a huge difference and you can really tell your success in your photos. You look beautiful!
  • klfoster88
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    Happy Anniversary!!! You look great!
  • amlygo
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    Great job!
  • AnelDB
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    Very inspiring! You look terrific, and your perseverence is a great example!
  • FightingFitMom
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    wow.. amazing.. keep it up!!
  • Megan101792
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    Hey guys! A year ago today, I work up and decided it was time to get control of my life. I was sick, tired, depressed and well... FAT!
    Although there have been days/weeks I have been unable to exercise due to pain, or I wanted to give up because I didn't think I was worth it, I stuck it out. I am battling an auto-immune disease that makes working out difficult and I feel horrible most days. This used to take a toll on my emotional health as well. Well, guess what?!? Not anymore!! I am done feeling like crap and being down on myself. I still have a ways to go and I know it will take me longer than other, but I will be the healthier, happier me! I didn't realize how far I've come until I looked at these pictures and thought back on how my life has changed. I am happy, healthy, beautiful, strong and determined!!

    SW: 198
    Total inches lost: 23.25

    I took these pics right after working out, so sorry I look gross lol.







    Great Job
  • galprincess
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    Wow I commend you on your hard work and just going for it cannot wait for 2nd yr pics and progress report
  • Amybcb
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    Awesome job!!!
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    Awesome job! You look incredible. Way to go!
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    Look at you, you little hottie!!!
  • blazer6811
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    You look absolutely amazing! The hard work is paying off. Don't give up, keep going.
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    keep it up. you look great
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    Congrats! You look Great!!! Smile and give yourself a pat on the back!
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    You really look great and your waist is so small now!
  • Fitfully_me
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    Great progress! Congrats on making a decision and sticking with it. Way to go!
  • You are so brave to post the Before pictures, but the Now pictures really show your progress. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
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    Thank you all!!! You have all made my day with your kind words!!!
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    Good for you Bubbles. Gives me hope