new clothes

mehrunisan Posts: 64 Member
I actually love and hate the fact that i don't fit into any of my old clothes but now even my gym clothes(particularly pants) are falling off. Eek! anyone else feel the same way?


  • TheSatinPumpkin
    TheSatinPumpkin Posts: 948 Member
    Sure do. Tried to stretch out my 6xls shirts and 66 size pants as long as i could which was around 90lbs down and just had to get new sized clothes.
  • morethenjustmum
    morethenjustmum Posts: 170 Member
    I have all my old pre-kids and 20yr old clothes in a box in my basement, every few weeks I get to open her up and pick a new outfit, or have a laugh at stuff I thought was awesome when I was 22. Down side is, some stuff I haven't seen in 7-8 years that I saved and always loved will only fit for a month or so. Either way, semi free clothes hurrrrraaaaayy.
  • vegwrangler
    vegwrangler Posts: 143 Member
    I just added a drawstring to my yoga pants and too-loose running shorts that didn't already have drawstrings. I'm that cheap :-).
  • elghee123
    elghee123 Posts: 491 Member
    A couple of months ago, I bought a very nice Adidas pants for running. I was a happy runner with it. Then after a couple of months wearing it, I became sadder and sadder as it is getting loose while running. I had to stop running and tighten up the strings.

    Hard to let go so I will still be using it no matter how loose it felt. It is so beautiful.
  • mehrunisan
    mehrunisan Posts: 64 Member
    omg thats me with so many of my pants! it irritates me so much when i constantly have to pull them up