What's the scariest dream you ever had?

SrJoben Posts: 484 Member
What was it and what made it so scary?

Does it recur?


  • SwedishSarah
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    I have lots of dreams and they are all very vivid, long and I can remember them in detail. I think the one that creeped me out the most was one I had last year. This is not really fantasy scary, it's more realistic scary.

    I was walking down an alley and there was a group of people following me. I started to speed up so that I could get out of there, but as I sped up, so did they. The group was comprised of all men and they were around my age. I broke into a run and ran out of the alley into another street, and kept having to duck and run to stay out of their sight. I was so nervous because I had no idea why they were following me, so I panicked and ran from the hiding place I was in. One of the men saw me running and the whole group started chasing after me again. I ran towards a river that had huge reeds (somehow the town I was in was near a river) and I thought I could hide from them again. I ducked behind a bush and waited, hoping they would not find me. The bush I was hiding behind was parted and one the men grabbed me and I started fighting. Another man came up to me and put a cloth over my mouth and I was knocked out. When I woke up I was inside a building, tied down to a chair. A large piranha fish was dangling in front of me and kept trying to bite me. The men kept asking me questions, but I would not answer. They knocked me out again. Then I woke up from my dream.
  • _John_
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    the "river" side of the Mississippi River levee in northeast LA is quite steep, and I slipped down it while it was frozen one time (I was too young to have sledded down it by myself at the time).

    I dream about it being a lot steeper than it really it is and falling down it quite regularly (like once or twice a year).

    I love my hometown of St. Joseph, LA, so I actually wake up happy when I have that dream.
  • sw33tp3a11
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    Being stuck in a elevator then free falling and yes it has recur many many times
  • _John_
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    Being stuck in a elevator then free falling and yes it has recur many many times

    They usually take your picture on the second time back up on those....just fyi...
  • Amanda_Gx6
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    There was a childhood nightmare that I've had once as an adult. I've have the same one a couple times throughout my life.

    **Backstory, I used to take a stuffed rabbit everywhere I went as a kid and my cousin used to do ballet and dance the Nutcracker every year, we also used to watch it on tv **

    We were in my cousins house and my stuffed rabbit turned into the evil rat king from the nut cracker and started chasing me and my cousins and we all started running but I got trapped but the evil king and a bunch of mice things. I always woke right up screaming. Freaks me out even as an adult.
  • Sporttster
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    Used to have repeating nightmares about being alone in a large school type building and being chased by some unseen thing and flinging a door open, running up stairs that ended at the ceiling. I'd run all over that building running from it and end up at that door with stairs going nowhere....
  • Andaisy1
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    I was frequently chased by a T Rex for months after my brother and I saw Jurassic Park at the movies when we were kids. Funny to think about now :laugh:
  • Cliffslosinit
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    1st when I was really young, maybe 8.
    I dreamed a figure was walking up the road very slowly,,,,blurry as well.
    As it became closer I could make out it was a werewolf.
    I started to run in circles, through the gate and hop over the fence back through the gate, around and around hearing him growl and breathing on my neck. I was screaming the whole time, that is what woke me up. My heart was racing, breathing hard as well.
    I ran into my parents room woke my mom up. She just said get back to bed.
    Oh NO way!!! I went to dad's side, he scooted over and let me in. :bigsmile:
  • bd0027
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    I dreamed I got knocked up.
    Talk about terrifying.
  • Ripfit138
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    When I was a little kid I had a dream that I was being chased by a shark. I got out of the water and was safe, but could see it waiting just off shore for me to come back in, with it's eyes out of the water, (more like an alligator). I went home, finished by day and went to bed.
    When I woke up in the morning, I got ready for school and walked down to the bus stop. While I was waiting there, a car screeched to a halt in the intersection and the shark got out of the car, (yes, he was driving) and started chasing me on land!! The whole thing was a dream...I dreamt going to bed and waking up and getting ready for school...all for the shark to return.
    It was scary at the time, sort of comical now. But it stuck with me since about 2nd grade.
    It did not recur. I have finally lost the shark.
  • sissiluv
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    Being chased by zombies. Brrr!
  • kcmcd
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    Being trapped in a trunk in my parent's basement, and hearing someone in the house go after my siblings and parents with a huge knife. Scariest dream I ever had. I only had it once, when I was 9 or 10. Remember it vividly.

    Saddest dream though, was just after my daughter was born. I was worried that I loved her more than my son, who was four at the time. I dreamed that he died, and as I stood on my front porch watching my parents arrive for the funeral I thought "how am I supposed to live the rest of my life not seeing him again?"

    Just typing that made my eyes water and my throat close up a bit.
  • Sporttster
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    Do zombies make you cold? :indifferent: