You could offer younger self advice, what would you say?



  • RavenLibra
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    BUY and HOLD Microsoft at the IPO!!!
  • Saucy_lil_Minx
    Saucy_lil_Minx Posts: 3,302 Member
    Be who you are now!! Don't be afraid of what people think. Your love for people shows, and spread the happy!!!!!
  • venus_blue
    venus_blue Posts: 103 Member
    You are not fat (yet).

    Don't stop biking.

    He is not the one.
  • bookworm_847
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    Stop trying to make everyone else happy. All you're going to do is wear yourself out and be miserable.

    Don't be afraid to travel and try new things.

    Just because you can eat/not eat whatever/ whenever now doesn't mean you'll always be able to. Form a healthy relationship with food and exercise so you don't wake up one day wondering why you feel like crap and can't find anything to wear because nothing fits.
  • StajaB
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    You do not always need to be in a relationship or seek constant affection. Love yourself.

    DON'T DO ECT!!!

    Don't let doctors convince you the side effects will be worth it in the end, there are no magic pills.

    No more third-tenth chances for people. Give them the benefit of the doubt once, but don't be a fool.

    One more time, LOVE YOURSELF.
  • 115s
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    You haven't lived until you meet him. Just wow.
  • SwashBlogger
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    wear sunscreen.
  • AshleyM71
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    Put that damn fork down!
  • Arne_becomesxXx
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    Love and laugh as often as you can!
  • melb_alex
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    don't stress about the little things enjoy your youth because age comes with responsibilities that and the bishes at school turn out fat :p
  • candistyx
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    You ARE going to die, live with that in mind. Really give a good hard think about how you want to spend your extremely limited time on earth.
  • JcMey3r
    JcMey3r Posts: 431 Member
    Learn about nutrition earlier in life so you can enjoy your life to your fullest.
  • _Figgzie_
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    do everything you can to keep your 8 pack!!!!!
  • catb58
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    Ignore Mom's advice of "18 is too old to have long hair"
    Go ahead and join the Navy
    Put $20-50 from each paycheck in savings
  • markiend
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    Buy a copy of Grays sports almanac , watch out for the scientist with the straggly grey hair.

    When she tells you she wants an abortion, all you can do is support her wishes, she will blame you either way. Try not to swallow all that blame

    don't gamble with money that isn't yours and enjoy school and learn
  • aedreana
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    Quit sucking your thumb as a little girl because you will have to get braces on your teeth as an adult and stay at a homeless shelter while working 2 jobs in order to pay for them. Do not date Doug. Do not date Peter. Do not date Richard. Do not date Jeff and definitely don't marry him. Do not let your drivers license expire. Do not sign up for Facebook. Do not wait until 1971 to turn vegan. And you are frantic at 21 years old because you see the first fine lines starting on your face. And you think you look ancient at 30. And at 40 you think you are an antique; at 50, a fossil. Hard to believe but, when you are 60 you will wish you could look like you did at 50 unless you can afford plastic surgery. I wish I knew what to tell you to avoid the lifelong poverty you face unless you do something different career-wise. Because you will have a tragic life and be in a very dark place. And ALL of your suffering could have been averted if you had better-paying jobs.
  • BEquality
    BEquality Posts: 58 Member
    Don't allow someone else's problems, cause you to take yourself off your own priority list.
    You're gay.
    Love more.
    Love yourself, love others, friends, neighbors, strangers.

    It doesn't do any good to keep your heart so locked up.

    I second these, for myself.


    - Don't do theatre in high school. Or if you do, do choir too and DO NOT place so much emotional stock in theatre. And do sports, or try to.
    - Work out and eat healthy.
    - Don't procrastinate. You're smart, and if you avoid procrastination you will get great grades and not have to go to RCC. (Or if you do, and if you do go to cosmo school, do better.)
    - Stay FAR FAR AWAY from Big Bear and Lake Elsinore, among other places.
    - Join the Navy or Army sooner. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. The desire will never go away. Trust future!Bonnie, who is currently trying to lose over 100 pounds so she can join by summer 2015.
    - Don't hurt yourself.
    - Don't give up.
    - Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and go to good dentists. DO NOT develop a fear of the dentist.
    - SAVE YOUR MONEY. All of it.
    - Stay organized.
    - Clean your room. And the house.
    - Get rid of things you don't really need.

    I could go on and on.
  • no_russian
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    Don't be a d***
  • OhhNiff
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    Go to school.
    Believe in yourself.
    Listen to mom a little more.
    Be more active.
    Don't throw your engagement ring off the balcony. You'll wish you had it later.
  • kellyskitties
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    You are not responsible for other people's behavior.
    Abusers aren't worth your love.
    Get that chip off your shoulder - then go to college later.
    It is just fine to own a used Escort and take care of it.
    Don't trust friends you just met - they will steal from you.
    It's ok to be smart, if somebody resents it - they aren't as smart as they think.

    Wish I could read the letter to the now me from my future me. Wonder what it would say?