What's your FAVE/LEAST FAVE body part?



  • dakotababy
    dakotababy Posts: 2,401 Member
    This is an interesting question. For me, it bounces around every day to my favourite body part. I mean, when I notice my stomach getting smaller - I really admire that.

    I guess, my favourite has to be my face. Though, my 2 least favourites are my nose (somedays it seems really crooked) and my pancake *kitten*. I am starting to really like my biceps/arms. My back is also getting some more attention too...

    Yeah, I guess because I see improvements everywhere, I am starting to like almost every part of my body...except for my nose and *kitten*.
  • kvansanity
    kvansanity Posts: 108 Member
    I'll start with what I hate - my arms! Even when I was underweight in high school, my arms were out of proportion with my body thanks to genetics (women on both sides of my family have the same issue). I hate them enough to consider brachioplasty. I'll do a consultation if after a year of toning and working them hard doesn't improve them.

    Favorite part? I have great calve and eyes. I also really like my stomach, even if it's not the exact size I want it to be right now.
  • annemariemk4
    annemariemk4 Posts: 72 Member
    Fave: Legs!
    Least Fave: Stomach!
  • laynerich15
    laynerich15 Posts: 1,918 Member
    Pretty fond of my man parts, well kind of a love hate relationship.

    hate my little toe
  • Least Fave is my lower abs, My 1 yr old son was a emergency c-section so it takes forever for that to get flat, my fave is my legs and booty ;-)
  • LoveLaroo
    LoveLaroo Posts: 215
    Fave: Legs/Booty
    Least fave: Chest :P
  • _lyndseybrooke_
    _lyndseybrooke_ Posts: 2,561 Member
    Favorite - legs, butt
    Least Favorite - abdomen, boobs
  • zrmac804
    zrmac804 Posts: 369 Member
    I'm dying to ask:happy:
  • zrmac804
    zrmac804 Posts: 369 Member
    Pretty fond of my man parts, well kind of a love hate relationship.

    hate my little toe

    I'm dying to ask happy : why do you hate your little toe?
  • sissiluv
    sissiluv Posts: 2,205 Member
    Fave, my face.

    Least fave, everything else.
  • _Tink_
    _Tink_ Posts: 3,845 Member
    Fave: legs and abs. Least fave: face
  • Phoenix__Rising
    Phoenix__Rising Posts: 9,981 Member
    Fave: my butt/leggs

    Least Fave: Boobs (Before losing weight, was my fave) & my middle ..Grrr.
  • dlionsmane
    dlionsmane Posts: 672 Member
    Shoulders/arms fave
    Stomach - least fave
  • lookin4gains
    lookin4gains Posts: 1,762 Member
    Favorite - Arms

    Least favorite - I hate my legs. They are getting bigger, but I got a long way to go to get them where I want.
  • mistymarie25
    mistymarie25 Posts: 6 Member
    My favorite is my Bottom
    My least favorite is my inner thighs.
  • WreckaRed
    WreckaRed Posts: 116 Member
    Favorite are my calves and ankles.
    Least Fave is my poor, sad, flat *kitten*. Gotta work that booty!!
  • My fave is the peen. Oh wait, you mean on me? :huh:
  • Megan101792
    Megan101792 Posts: 3,194 Member
    stomach is least

    butt and boobs are favorite
  • I like my legs and eyes, i hate my stomach! (but not as much as i used to since its started toning up!) grr
  • littlebutlean
    littlebutlean Posts: 2,159 Member
    While it could be worse, lower obliques for me oh and my overall height but I can't really do much about that. :drinker:

    Edit: Oh, my favorite that I've worked hardest on is probably my delts/arms.