How does one become a "morning person?"

I am so not a morning person and thankfully I have a mid-shift job that allows me to take my time in getting up in the mornings. The earliest I'm up in the mornings is around 7:30, but it's usually closer to 8, and I could sleep every day until noon if my hubby would let me. So my schedule right now is get up around 8ish, take the dog for a walk, have breakfast, do a chore or two around the house, get ready for work, leave. That is totally going to change come August once my classes start back. It's my last semester and I loaded myself down with classes so that I can graduate in December and getting to class on time is going to mean getting up a LOT earlier than I'm used to.

Any tips on how I can train my body between now and then to be OK with getting up before the sun so I can still get a little physical activity in before my day starts?


  • kmm0034
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    Oh yes. And you won't like it. It's just waking up earlier. I'm normally up a good two hours before I need to be anywhere, not to get ready, because if I don't, I will snap at people. And yet, people are convinced I am a morning person.

    It's pretty much the only way I know of. You just set your alarm clock, and your phone's alarm to wake you up earlier.
  • A triple shot soy latte from Starbucks every morning.
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    I take Nature Made Super B-Complex it has Vitamin C in it as well. I didn't think it would do much for me but I haven't been drinking coffe lately, because of cafeine sensitivity. Well sure enough after taking this about 20 minutes later the fog had lifted from my head.
    Hope this helps you and good luck with the rest of your classes and Graduation.
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    stay up really late :)
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    You just need to set your alarm clock much earlier and do not hit snooze! I get up at 5.30am every morning to take the dog for a walk, make the packed lunches, do the dishes/jobs that need doing before leaving for work. Once you decide on the time you need to get up it will soon become normal for you!
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    Habit and caffeine.
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    Maybe just start setting your alarm 15 mins earlier and work from that, then by August maybe you'll be ok :smile:

    Or borrow some young children lol. My kids are always up early, so I have no choice!

    I'm on maternity leave now, but when I was at work I had to be up at 6 anyway, get kids ready, drop one at breakfast club for 7:45, then another at nursery, then on to work. When I go back to work I'll be doing that with 3 kids. Coffee helps :)
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    Get reincarnated as a morning person.
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    You need to go to bed earlier. I'm naturally a late night person but when I have to get up at 7am (early for me), I get to bed at 11pm.
    stay up really late :)

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    Start setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier every 3 days and maintain at the time that would be ok, come august.
    Also, try cutting down on evening TV and internet time and go to sleep a little earlier.i work shifts so i train myself from being midnight person to morning person and back every 15 days!Lol :wink:
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    I'm not sure there's any way to become a true "morning person," I think you have to be born that way. All you can do is gut it out, probably. Set your alarm early enough that you can get some coffee down before you have to face the world.
  • RefilweMofoka
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    Get to bed earlier
    set your alarm for the time you want to wake up and don't press the snooze button!
    I struggled with this too so I rolled out of bed when I couldn't open my eyes.

    After about a week of practice you'll find yourself waking up before your alarm clock wakes you up :-)

    if you can, try to wake up before anyone else in the house. the alone time will be good for you and you can be a ray of sunshine by the time everyone else wakes up.
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    I was a morning person and used to wake up around 3-5 am.But not anymore.
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    I'm not sure there's any way to become a true "morning person," I think you have to be born that way.

    Not true. It's called discipline which over time turns into habit which over time turns into "the natural state of affairs".

    I'm actually a bit cross, I can rarely sleep past 6.30 regardless of how late last night was. On regular days I get up at 5am. 3 years ago I struggled to get up before 9 or 10am and would happily stay in bed until noon on the weekend.
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    For me personally you don't!

    There are two types of people in this world:

    1) morning people

    2) people who want to shoot morning people

    I am of the latter.
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    How does one become a morning person?

    Wake up early. It's kinda that simple.

    I hate mornings, I work east coast hours, so I'm up in time for my 9am start.

    However, I live in the pacific time zone. It's all about shifting your point of thought.

    ETA - I'm also probably a better shot.
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    Have kids.

    Alternatively, go to bed by 9-10pm.
  • paulperryman
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    I have to be at work by 6am which takes 30mins to get there so i have no choice but regardless to some of us it's natural, i've always been a morning person as far as i can remember and definately not a night owl as is my father and his father before him, my older brother and mother on the other hand are the complete opposite they stay up late and sleep in til the last possible minute

    as life long sufferer of frequent ensomnia and only sleeping in 2hr blocks.
    i'm awake by 7am at the very latest, usually 4:40am during the week (early work start time) and 6:30am on weekends, don't need an alarm clock my body wakes me up atleast 10mins before i have it set anyway and once i'm awake i'm awake, can still yawn and all but fully aware and no "morning fog" that affects so many people when they wake up.

    Not always, sometimes i get that but not often

    But if you really want to be conscious to do it and have energy maybe to exercise before work, the simple thing is goto bed early, giving yourself atleast 8hrs to atleast :) Personally i'm half asleep by 10:30pm on weekends, and during the week i'm in bed by 9pm.

    even as a kid my internal clock would wake me up as soon as the sun came up, almost like i was on Rooster time lol.

    as Awesome hinted at with discipline you retrain your body to do it. I just find i have the most energy first thing in the morning after fasting for 9+hrs and during the day it steadily drops off.
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    1. Go to bed earlier (results may vary)

    2. Have a morning routine that you enjoy doing

    3. Don't look at it like a chore. You like having extra daytime! Ooooh, shiny sunrise!

    4. (last resort) Get up early but be a bear anyway. Some people just don't do well in the morning, and that's okay. Coffee was invented for a reason.

    Good luck, OP!