change one word of a book title to bacon



  • kaseyr1505
    kaseyr1505 Posts: 624 Member
    The Devil Wears Bacon
    Bacon wears Prada
    Winnie the Bacon
    Sex and the Bacon
    Of Mice and Bacon
    The Cat in the Bacon
    The Fault in our Bacon
    The Bacon Thief
  • CharlzO
    CharlzO Posts: 96 Member
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bacon
    The Bacon Identity
    8 Bacon
    Bacon Report
    Dark Bacon Rises
    Bacon and Run
    Journey to the Center of the Bacon
  • mblair1968
    mblair1968 Posts: 323 Member
    No Bacon in the Wind
    Where the Red Bacon Grows
    Bacon 22
    Bacon Sweet Home
    How to stop worrying & start bacon
    How to win bacon, & influence people
  • thread_baron
    thread_baron Posts: 7 Member
    The Bacon in the Rye
  • littlelaura
    littlelaura Posts: 1,065 Member
    Like Water for Bacon
    House made of Bacon
    The Dream Bacon
    A Tale of Two Bacons
    The Great Bacon
    Love from your friend, Bacon
  • JesterMFP
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    Currently reading:
    -A Clash of Bacon from A Song of Bacon and Fire
    -The Unbearable Lightness of Bacon

    Recently finished:
    -Bacon of Darkness
  • Mikkimeow
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    Saving Private Bacon
    Bacon Hawk Down
    The Bacon and the Hound
    Grand Bacon Hotel
    Schindler's Bacon
    The Hunger Bacons ( I would go see that)
    Pirates of the Caribacon
    Step Bacons
    Beauty and the Bacon
    James and the Giant Bacon
    Edward Baconhands
    Mean Bacons
    The Fault in our Bacons
    Paul Bacon: Mall Bacon
    The Bacon Diaries
    Kung Fu Bacon
    Brother Baken
    Oh' Bacon, where are thou?
    The Blind Bacon
  • Linli_Anne
    Linli_Anne Posts: 1,362 Member
    Da Vinci's Bacon
    The Devil Wears Bacon
    Shopaholic Takes Bacon
    Divine Secrets of the Bacon Sisterhood
  • neandermagnon
    neandermagnon Posts: 7,443 Member
    The Man in the Bacon Mask
  • eemitchell1984
    eemitchell1984 Posts: 83 Member
    Dan Brown

    The Bacon Fortress
  • robgmartin
    robgmartin Posts: 10 Member
    last of the bacon
  • stumblinthrulife
    stumblinthrulife Posts: 2,558 Member
    The bacon of Dorian Gray
    Fear and Bacon in Las Vegas
    The girl who played with bacon
    A clockwork bacon
    Bacon shrugged
    The day of the bacon
  • ChoiceNotChance
    ChoiceNotChance Posts: 645 Member
    A bacon of their own.
    Adventures in bacon.
  • lavendy17
    lavendy17 Posts: 309 Member
    Bacon in Seattle
    You've Got Bacon
    Pretty Bacon
    There will be Bacon
  • wannaBrunnner81
    wannaBrunnner81 Posts: 107 Member
    Under the banner of Bacon
    Where men win Bacon
    Into thin Bacon
    Into the Bacon
    Catcher in the Bacon
    Desert Bacon
    The Fool's Bacon
    The Monkey Wrench Bacon
    The Lonely Bacon
  • srslybritt
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    ETA: V is for Bacon
  • angiez93
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    Omg this is my kind of thread!! *rushes to bookshelf*

    The Language of Bacon
    Still Life With Bacon
    Bacon Giver
    A Canticle for Bacon
  • Booksandbeaches
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    Bacon Island
    The Joy of Bacon
    Fifty Shades of Bacon
    The Old Man and the Bacon
  • fh1951
    fh1951 Posts: 443 Member
    A Farewell to Bacon
    The Holy Bacon
    The French Lieutenant's Bacon
    The Last of the Bacon
  • juliemouse83
    juliemouse83 Posts: 6,663 Member
    Bacon's Lot
    Under the Bacon
    Bacon Sematary
    The Bacon Redemption
    Bag of Bacon
    Bacon Madder
    The Bacon Mile

    (Some of my favorite King titles...)