What did you eat?



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    I eat almost everything I did before, The reason I say almost is because some foods were triggers for me and I would rather not eat them right now as I tend to overeat certain things . Treats are fine . Track and ensure you stay within your calorie goal but if you are hungry you will find you can probably eat a lot of the healthier foods then you can junk food. So when I really want something calorie dense I eat a healthy breakfast and dinner and save more calories for that treat later than the day or vice versa when I want to eat a huge breakfast . I drink wine a few nights a week and consistently lose weight but my staples are a minimum of 6-7 servings of fruit and vegetables a day plus some greek yogurt , almonds , grilled chicken, beef, pork , shrimp. whole grain bread and rice.
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    Hi, so I'm just curious as to what you guys have been eating to help you lose weight? I've been sticking to fruit smoothies and brown rice for the past week and don't really see much of a difference....
    So what has helped you guys?

    eating actual food

    Sometimes I have yogurt oooor Talenti oooor pizza. Sometimes tacos. Anything that helps me meet my macro/micro goes for health and things

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  • Numberwang22
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    I eat the same foods but less of it.

    Same here, going ok.
  • MelsAuntie
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    I eat whatever I want to; red rare beef, pizza, fried chicken, yogurt, butter not margarine, fresh vegetables of all sorts except cooked tomatoes, fruits, a LOT of cheese, chocolate every day, and I stay under 1700 calories a day and do a lot of gardening and farm work. Lost 22 lbs. and am in maintenance. I may decide to drop 10 more lbs., not sure yet. I eat very little in the way of bread/flour products and no salty crunchy type snack stuff as I don't like it.
  • diannethegeek
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    Diary is open and I'm losing 1 pound a week (which is what I want to be losing).

    I should point out that diary's goal (2200) is my approximate maintenance, not my calorie goal for weight loss. I aim for 1700-1800 cals, but anything below 2201 is a win for me as far as I'm concerned.
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    I eat whatever i want. Just make sure to eat at a deficit. Period.
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    My diary is open.

    I can't actually remember what I ate before, but I eat quite a lot of salad with all sorts of things added (it's a convenient way to get protein), and loads of vegetables and fruit. I'm not into the drinking your food thing (other than wine, of course) or protein powders. I like food that started out as something I actually recognize.
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    I eat ALL the same foods, just a little less than before. Oh, and I move a little bit more than before.

    My diary is open, feel free to take a look.
  • Cjmi427
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    Starchy foods like bread, pasta, and rice are easy for me to overeat and don't satisfy my hunger as well as protein, fat, and veggies, so now I limit myself to having these foods once a day and I measure them. I decided that things like crackers and chips were just not worth the calories, especially since they don't fill me up! If I'm going to have something high in calories like pizza, I consciously adjust what I'm eating the rest of the day to make it fit. I'm lucky enough that I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so those things usually aren't worth the calories to me either. On the rare occasion choose to eat dessert, I "make it fit". I've reduced the amount of alcohol I drink (again, usually not worth the calories, I'd rather have food!).
    Here's a typical day for me:
    Coffee with cream and sugar, some fruit and cheese, a lettuce wrap with turkey breast and a measured amount of dressing, raw veggies and dip, a handful of nuts, rice, chicken or beef, veggies, and sauce. Water throughout the day. On days that I exercise, I eat 2 eggs with a little fat beforehand. If I'm especially hungry (workout days!) I have more fruit and another serving of cheese or nuts.

    It surprises me that so many people say they eat "whatever they want". Even though it's technically true that you can make anything fit into your calories, I personally wouldn't be able to eat "whatever I want". For me, if I want chips, I'm eating the entire bag and hating myself. If I have an appropriate serving of starches multiple times a day, I might stay under my calories, but I'll be starving and once again, hating my life! In my experience, having fewer starchy foods and more protein and fat helps me reach my calorie without being hungry.
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    The only thing I have truly decided to give up is soda - Coca Cola to be more exact. I would prefer to eat my calories instead of drinking them and they were adding to my being bloated all the time. Other than that I eat the same foods but practice better portion control and I probably have added an extra helping or so of veggies/fruits.
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    I eat and drink whatever I want, but in smaller portions. I tend to eat the 80/20 idea - eat as healthy as I can 80% of the time and enjoy 20% of the time. Yes, I do have steak and fries and beer and wine. Just not every day.
  • WreckaRed
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    I eat small amounts, all day long. If you look at my diary it is broken into 3hr segments, not Breakfast, Lunch and DInner. I munch on almonds and have higher protein intake with complex carbs eaten every other day. Those steam in the bag veggies, those are a staple in my freezer. I don't drink my calories (anymore), that helps a ton. Stay away from processed food as much as possible and portion control.
  • TasteofEnvy
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    Alright, thanks you guys! I really appreciate it :)
    Yea at college (where I lost a majority of my weight) I ate whatever I want, it was just automatically portioned for me so I was able to control it better than I have been here at home.
  • caracrawford1
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    What people normally eat--except in smaller quantities. You are changing the way you think about food-- a lifestyle change---not a temporary diet. If you are on a temporary diet, expect your weight loss to be temporary as well.
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    I eat everything! If I stuck to smoothies and brown rice I would surely die. Also, smoothies and brown rice are high in empty carbs and low on protein. Normal day for me is 1/2 english muffin with almond butter, scrambled egg and fruit for breakfast, a wrap for lunch with turkey and avocado, dinner is all over the place sometimes grilled chicken and veggies, sometimes pizza and wings. If I really want chocolate or ice cream of cookies then I just have it and adjust my food / exercise accordingly. By restricting too much you set yourself up for failure and guilt.