HI All

I just started a medication that's side effect is gaining weight. My Dr advised me to exercise everyday and named specific exercises to burn calories and build muscles. The problem is she told me to only eat 1200 calories a day instead of what MFP says I should eat. I have done the research on this medication and you do gain weight because it lowers your metabolism and for some other scientific reason I do not really understand. I may be on this medication for life and to be honest I feeling good so for now I do not want to stop taking it.

Would love to hear any recommendations or thoughts you have.



  • RodaRose
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    Call the doctor's office to leave a message that you are going to eat such and such calories instead of 1200.
  • JennyHollyHansen
    if the medication is necessary then don't stop taking it. Quality of life and feeling good is important, right?!

    I would eat the same until you know how your body is going to react to the meds weight wise and if you see it creeping up on the scale made modest changes until you can balance the difference.

    I have low thyroid, and a low metabolism. Personally, I would rather have a couple pounds than be a slave to my scale...but that is me. I try to eat healthy to off set my low metabolism. I stay away from sugar because that goes right to my hips.
  • Branstin
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    We don't know your medical history. It is best to discuss your concerns with your doctor. Is the1200 calories goal or net calories? Is 1200 a starting number which will increase over time? Is your doctor trying to find a balance between the medication and food before increasing your calories so you won't gain weight? Maybe she feels if she told you to eat 1200, you will probably eat a few hundred more. Eating 1200 calories a day then burning calories will create a very large calorie deficiency. Was this discussed between the two of you? On the other hand, your doctor might just be a quack like Dr. Oz. In which case, should be fired. These and so many more are questions that you can’t get answered on this forum. The best advice I can give you is if you trust your doctor then follow her advice. If you have any doubt or are unclear about things, write them down and go back to discuss with her and do not leave until you have answers to all of your questions or referrals to other health professionals, like a nutritionist or dietitian, to help you. Only then will you be able to decide if this is the correct path for you.
  • photochik71
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    I take atenolol to lower my heart rate and gabapentin for my fibromyalgia, so I burn calories at a snails pace. I gained 7 lbs. in the first six weeks of taking the gabapentin, so here I am.

    I have a really hard time with 1200 calories! I usually eat around 1400-1600 most days. I would discuss it a little more with your doc.