Guys between 5'5" and 5'9" Waist and weight poll



  • ccrdragon
    ccrdragon Posts: 3,357 Member
    age - 52
    height - 5' 9"+
    Currently 213 lbs

    Last waist measure was 44 1/4" but that was 2 months ago - I will measure tonight and update my reply.

    Goal weight is 175-180 with a waist of less than 34"
  • Im 5' 7"
    43 years old, 228lbs and my waist is 42"

    Just started reducing really in the last 3 weeks, so Im already down 5lbs.
  • mstripes
    mstripes Posts: 151 Member
    5'8" 212 this morning wearing 40" waist Wranglers and they are a bit loose. I've not tried on 38" yet but I wonder if they would fit in the upper legs. If I could get down to 170 I think I'd be in 36's.
  • bdubya55
    bdubya55 Posts: 506 Member
    57yo, 5'9, 167#, 34" pant size
  • Devasation
    Devasation Posts: 145 Member
    33 years old, 5'5" tall, 33 inch waist around the navel, 31/32 pant size. Used to be a bit slimmer, but been bulking a bit. Went from 148 to 153 lbs in the last few months.
  • REDUX_o01
    REDUX_o01 Posts: 29
    5'7", 180 lbs (80-ish Kg), waistline at about 33", chest at 44".
    Goal : 6'1" (just kiddin'), 170 lbs, 32" waistline (seems it's the maximum I can drop to as my hip bones were measured at 32").

    Build: Idunno, really. My chest's naturally big, not stronger than anybody else (well, I guess a bit stronger than usually the norm), just big. I also have naturally powerful legs. I don't really have a V-shape, per se. I'm more the kind of person whose waist is as wide as his thorax. I find it difficult to buy clothes as pants tend to be to long leg-wise because of my waist, and t-shirts are one size larger than my size to accommodate my big pectoralis.
  • cedman1
    cedman1 Posts: 104 Member
    5' 8.5" Weight about 198 Paints size 33 waist
  • lngbrd
    lngbrd Posts: 279 Member
    5'8.5" 264 40" waist
  • ChrisUK70
    ChrisUK70 Posts: 54 Member
    I am 198 pounds or as us Brits would say 14 stone and 2 pounds.

    Waist for jeans and trousers is 34-36 depends on the cut, but if waist measurement is the one done around the belly button then I am 43 inches ouch!

    Sorry forgot I am 5ft 6 and I am medium build quite stocky.
  • ninerbuff
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    5'7" 192lbs 34" now. Little pudgy for me.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
    IDEA Fitness member
    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness industry for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition
  • LifterDave
    LifterDave Posts: 112 Member
    51 years, 5' 7'', 227 lbs.
    Chest, 50"
    Waist, 38 inches
    About 40" around the navel
  • Chevy_Quest
    Chevy_Quest Posts: 2,012 Member
    Excellent. thanks for the info! This gives me some realistic expectations to shoot for!