How many snacks can we come up with?



  • Imitation Crab Sticks are my guilt-free guilty pleasure :) YUM!!
  • courtneynicole619
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    That looks good but we need to think healthy lol ;)
  • liliana51886
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    oo another favorite ( just had today) 1 Eggo waffle ( low fat multi grain 70 cal each) 1 tsp of peanut butter (29 cal) and 1 tsp of real maple syrup ( 16 cal) for total of 115. DELISH!

    you can also make this a bkfst with 2 waffles ( 140) , and 3 strips of center cut bacon (70 cals) for around 250 cals or 300 depending on how much syrup and peanut butter you use. YUM-O
  • liliana51886
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    me again ;-) HA, and I believe the topic is "snacks" a snack is something in between meals that are smaller healthy items. "Treats" are things like the snickers ice cream.....
  • boroko
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    100g raspberries or 15g almonds are my current faves. Also sugar free jelly pots (jello for those in the US - I couldn't eat of pot of jam!).
  • Granola Thins ....dark chocolate only 80 calories!:love:
  • bnorris2013
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    Special K Strawberry Crisps 100 calories for 2 crisps (tastes almost like a poptart just not as sweet which is great because i dont like sweetness of poptarts)

    Cheese Nips 130 calories per serving

    Gold Fish 140 Calories per serving

    Polly O Mozarella Cheese 70 calories per ounce (its kinda like string cheese)
  • pnut80
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    blue diamond habanero almonds are probably my fav, veggie straws (38 for 130 cals), Yoplait greek 100 cal, I also like 1-2oz of boars head turkey (mesquite wood smoked or honey maple) with half a slice of a low fat cheese, pickles...I have the snack area covered lol my problem is breakfast!
  • catrinaHwechanged
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    banana with peanut butter...yum!
  • HappyGrape
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    cucumbers & salt and vinagar - 50 calories
    baby tomatoes 54 calories per 300g
    natural or greek yogurt with cinnamon if activia about 86 calories
    tzatzaki 120 calaoires
    few nuts and prunes (functional food keep things moving!) 200 calories
    mandarine and baby bell light 70
    small back of popcorn 70 calories
    ham and Philadelphia low fat rolls about 60 calories
  • metaphoria
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    Jalapeno pistachios

    Whole grain tostito rounds with salsa

    Wheat Thins with cream cheese dip

    Nutella. With a spoon

    Fudge Babies (Google for recipe, superb and no added sugar/sweetener)

    Homemade potato chips - slice em with a mandolin/simple slicer (pampered chef for $35, I believe), shake em with olive oil in a ziploc, lay them down on a rack on top of a cookie sheet in a single layer, sprinkle with salt, pepper, onion powder, dill, or any spice mix you like and bake them at 400* for ten minutes. Check if they are crispy, switch to broil if they're not, hut watch em so they don't turn too brown. Yum! My kids can't stop eating them.
  • pnut80
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    a small whole wheat wrap with almond butter and honey...delish!
  • brentbarrie
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    Apple and a bottle of water.

    Granola bar and a bottle of water.

    Any time you snack, drink a bottle of water with it. It will fill you up. Then you wont keep snacking.
  • jjulliee
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    Banana dipped in unsweetened cocoa powder
  • FeraFilia
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    Because I've just recently decided they are my new favorite fruit.
  • leantool
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    Dahi (indian curd) and cucumber with a dash of chaat masala.