This to love with their expectations you get

This to love with their expectations you get a feeling that wasn't very hard for you to do the world and as well as there's always an expectation that you do something and even if even if I book unify believe in common there was always the expectation they're always expect expectation at the University me something back to that would have given Nov do this and you are getting back at some stage if not now I'm going to back in some states future there's always that expectation even if he once I got to that point have been of and in recent times that they expects I don't care doesn't worry me the essence the essence who it is just to give just to give and give and then I just now from Pew this knife my ears jobs had developed fights in recent times that money to be made anyway regardless who were and I think and that's the purity of giving which is which to me is the essence is a is that you can't just give in spontaneous why was that whether any expectation there or just because that there is that the unique just because there is a name and I think that that's probably the greatest gift.


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    What the hell is this?
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    What the hell is this?
    3 Across: highly processed tinned meat (4 letters) - S__M