How Do You Balance Feeling Successful vs. Complacent?

starbucktigh Posts: 170 Member
Hi all,

I am an extremely goal-motivated person, and having 100lbs to lose, I am using 10 lbs as milestones for success. I started MFP in May at 250, and now I'm at 237. I am working on a lifestyle change, not a diet. I've been disciplined, making good food and workout decisions, but also indulge from time to time in a few drinks or some fries, so I think my methods are realistic for long term health and wellness.

I haven't seen 250 on my scale in over a month, and I haven't seen 240 in about 2 weeks. Every time I get on the scale and it's moving me toward my ultimate healthiest me, I get so excited that I haven't gone back up to those ranges. I get really pumped and actually find my self shouting things like "Yeah, that's right, 240! So long, 240! Suck it, 250!" Then I realize it hasn't been that long, I'm still in the weight loss, not maintenance phase, so I'm not even close to done, and I feel foolish for being so smug.

My question for those of you that have been successful in (or are close to) reaching large weight loss goals is, what was it like for you on your journey? When did you know for sure you wouldn't be going back up into ranges you had left behind? Did you have concern that being overly celebratory could make you feel to comfortable and not as motivated to being as disciplined? I just don't want to give myself a false sense of accomplishment if it will make me less motivated to keep up the good work.


  • dschassie
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    I also celebrated the small milestones and would say the same thing about never wanting to see that number on the scale again. It also got me pumped up enough to keep chugging along to see if I could lose the next 10 pounds and then say "Screw you 200" and so on.

    I do urge you to find other ways to celebrate rather than food though. For me it was new workout clothes, or new headphones, or adding a few new songs to my workout playlist. If I wanted to celebrate by having some ice cream, I'd run an extra mile or two :bigsmile:

    As I am getting closer to my goal weight, I have become more comfortable in my body. My clothes fit nicely, people are commenting how great I look and I feel amazing. I've caught myself "slacking" off and not taking things as seriously as I did in the beginning so when I feel this is happening, I remember what my motivation was to begin with and try to get my focus back. I keep telling myslef that I didn't come this far and get this close to quit now. And if you are ever in need of a serious motivation boost, head over to the before and after section in the forum and say to yourself: " This can be me one day, I can do this!"

    Best wishes! :flowerforyou:
  • starbucktigh
    starbucktigh Posts: 170 Member
    Thanks! I have set up non-food milestone rewards (a massage, new boots, new necklace, etc) for each 10 lbs. And I have already been making use of the Before & After boards on hard days!

    I want to be happy with small progress, but still focused on my overall goal. I am just scared I'll let myself get too comfortable, and not push myself as much. I have seen enough stories about setbacks, etc, so I know it can be dangerously easy to slide backwards - and I really don't ever want to see those numbers again!

    Congratulations on your success! Your ticker is inspiring!
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