Lifting vs Jillian M's circuit training

If you are looking to lose some belly weight which one would you recommend and have had success with?
Thanks in advance for your replies ;)


  • h7463
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    Hi there!
    For me, a combination of both has worked great. Lifting heavy (=heavy for you) weights makes muscles, and this will boost your metabolism, which promotes extra fat-burning throughout the day. Jillian's circuit workouts have cardio and weights combined. They are mostly effective due to high intensity and light hand weights, and less effective if you can't keep up with the pace if you use hand weights that are too heavy. It will also do wonders for your endurance over time.
    HOWEVER, none of it will work, if you neglect your diet. Sadly, we also don't have a way to spot-reduce body fat. Where it gets stuck, and how it comes off is genetic.. The only thing that generally works, is to lower overall body fat. Eventually, it will vanish around your mid-section, too.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks so much for your info! I found it very helpful :)
  • Kbelicious
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    I'm having a lot of success with Jillian M's circuit training as it's short and effective. It's so short that I don't feel like I have an excuse not to do it and I'm really sweating by the end of it. So just for that alone, ease of use, I really recommend it. I'm doing 30 day Shred.
  • h7463
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    Hahaha....No kidding with the sweat....I did the kettlebell video earlier in the living room on a beach towel...the ceiling fan didn't help much, but at least, I didn't hit it this time... . :laugh: