I've got a few questions about nuts.

I've been reading that tree nuts are good for you. I need to find some (got the munchies) foods that are higher in protein. It is my understanding (from reading labels) that nuts are fairly high in calories and fat.

If you are trying to lose weight, are nuts good to eat?

Also, I"ve noticed that only the daily nutrient calculations MFP has 0's for some of the other types of fats (mono, poly...). Is there a way to adjust this? If so, does anybody know what these numbers should be?



  • hellsbells3272
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    Nuts are natural (good) and high in good fats (also good), but don't eat too many! I eat them but only in small amounts.
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    You would just have to count the protein and see if you have room for the cals when trying to reach your protein goals.

    Some of the diary entries are done by members who are not very thorough on adding the fats and other things.

    Read the label of the nuts you buy and input it the first time yourself then save it to "my foods" that way you can find them more easily in the future.:flowerforyou:
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    I like big nuts and I cannot lie. Brazil nuts are the best.

    They can be a minor source of protein but can easily bust your calorie goals if not used judiciously. Pre log a day of eating to include some nuts and see how it adds up.
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    Keep in mind also, you don't have to eat a full serving. I often take about a quarter of a serving of smoked almonds and crush them to put in salads or on top of chicken or fish to add flavor.
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    Did someone say nuts?!
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    I have 1/4 Cup - 1/2 Cup of unsalted mixed nuts daily.
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    Good for fat, protein and carbs not so much.

    You can always search other sites for accuracy of MACROS or use the barcode provided my the manufacturer.
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    You can search the "USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference" for any food you are interested in. What they list as Energy in Kcal, or kilocalories, is what we commonly call calories. Specific information about the different fats is toward the bottom of the page for each food.

    Here's the link:
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    I eat nuts in very small amounts almost every day. About 12 almonds and a like amount of peanuts. They are very calorie dense.
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    Nuts are very good for you (low glycemic index, high in healthy omega 3s) AND they are high in fat and calories. Both are true. The trick is simply to eat them in very small quantities.

    There's been a lot of press recently suggesting that people who eat nuts every day are actually slimmer than people who don't, but

    1) It's an observational study, and those don't prove a lot
    2) It's hard to say that eating the nuts is what makes the nut eaters slimmer. It could be they just tend to be attractive to people who eat healthy diets / avoid junk food anyway. Or that eating nuts tends to make them feel less cravings for food in general and they end up eating less overall. It doesn't necessarily mean that nuts are magic food.
    3) The every day nut eaters didn't eat A LOT of nuts every day. They tended to eat small amounts like < 1 oz per day.

    It's not limited to tree nuts. The same was found to be true of peanuts.