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Hey guys, so Im having some issue that I hope u could help me or advice me somehow.
so the last 3 weeks was pretty horrible for me because of a struggle I was going through, and that led me to actually binge and eat alottttt and alot of junk food and when I say alot I mean alot lol
well I gained 8 kg and Im super sad about it but the most horrible thing is that I feel bad and my skin and face looks horrible because all of the junk and sweets I was consuming.
so I wanted to do a water cleanes for a week to clean off my body but I workout regularly and I know if I will be only drinking water ill have no energy for working out. and that sucks. so I thought about having water cleanes but eating an orange in the morning and then tuna fish after workout so Ill be water cleaning my body but still having energy for workouts.
what do you guys think?


  • Froggymcconnell
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    forget just water!

    You had a slip up, it can happen!

    Just start logging food and working out. Make sure you are in calorie deficit and you will lose weight.

    Its all about lifestyle change.
  • mimieon
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    Just eat your mfp prescribed calorie goal (or TDEE -20%, etc).

    You probably also want to read this :http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/1080242-a-guide-to-get-you-started-on-your-path-to-sexypants .
  • Velum_cado
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    You're not going to learn anything about portion control, or gain any understanding of your unhealthy relationship with food by barely eating. If anything, those problems are going to be made worse. Eat healthily, at a calorie deficit, do your exercise... You need to just pick yourself up and get back to it. The weight will come off. A "water cleanse" won't do you any favours. Not to mention, how do you feel your skin and face will look without any nutrition coming in at all?
  • Donners185
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    Ok. I'm gona bite. You may be trolling but I'm too tired to argue with you so........... fuel your body, eat well, drink water, work out, get plenty of sleep, let go of stress and anxiety, take responsibility but forgive yourself. Do not look for a way to rectify 3 weeks of eating crap, you can't! It's done, move on. Do not starve yourself or do a water cleanse. Your body is pretty efficient of cleansing itself of toxins. If it wasn't you'd probably be on a dialysis machine. Start from right now, not tomorrow or next Monday. Make every decision from right now onwards based on how much better you will feel when you workout, choose the healthier food option, go to bed early, etc. Good luck.
  • cincysweetheart
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    Take the fact that you feel lousy and your skin looks bad to fuel your desire to "get back on the wagon" and make this a lifestyle change. Drink plenty of water… but forget about the water cleanse. Just go back to eating properly (and at a safe calorie deficit) and working out. You'll feel better and look better than if you did a cleanse. Starving yourself (which is basically what you're describing with a water cleanse) is setting you up to get stinkin' hungry and binge again.
  • Catlady87
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    There is an organ in your body called the liver, and another called the kidney (well technically kidneys because most people have two). The main purpose of these organs is to remove toxins from your body and they do this all day every day. Yes drinking more water on a regular basis will help your kidneys work more efficiently but there is no such thing as a "detox diet" or a "cleanse diet".
    All you will do by drinking water and eating such a small amount every day is lose weight unhealthily which you will put back on once you start eating normally again - or you'll get to the point where you can't hack it anymore and crave a McDonalds (as a pen example) so bad you'll binge again, then feel guilty, then want to shift the weight gain immediately and this process will repeat. It's called yo-yo dieting.
    Adopting a healthy lifestyle, where you eat and drink in moderation is the ideal way to lose weight at a slow but steady rate (ideal being 1-2lb per week) and will help prevent bingeing and a gain in weight.
    You need to know your numbers and find out what your basal metabolic rate is (what you burn by existing and doing nothing) it is recommended by many to not eat below thus number. Then find out your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE - how much you burn based on your daily activities). Once you know that number you can reduce it by 10-20% to give you the number of calories you should consumer per day to lose approx 1-2lb per week.
    I find a website called scoobys workshop to have a good calorie calculator - google it and you should find it.
    I really hope that you listen to the advice being given to you and take heed of the many successful people on this site who have lost weight by following the above strategy as opposed to looking for a quick fix to assuage your guilt and get instant success, because that won't happen. Weight loss is hard - mentally much more more than physically and if you're not prepared for tough times and the occasional fall of the wagon you won't succeed.

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  • DellaWiedel
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    "Water cleanses" can be dangerous. When I worked in the emergency room there was a woman who came in who had been doing that. Basically by consuming copious amounts of water without eating any food, she had ended up with a serious electrolyte imbalance. This can cause serious cardiac problems and even be fatal.


    "Water intoxication provokes disturbances in electrolyte balance, resulting in a rapid decrease in serum sodium concentration and eventual death. "

    So.... just watch your calories, eat healthy, exercise... Water is great, but doing nothing but drinking tons of water can be dangerous. Stick to safe, healthy methods of weight loss.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
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    Hmm... it worked for Ace Ventura. Anyway, poop, pee, and you're cleansed!

  • TheBrolympus
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    This will cleanse those demons right out! OUT DEMONS!!! BE GONE!!!
  • Stoshew71
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    I think you may benefit more from a refrigerator and cupboards cleanse.
  • Stoshew71
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    This will cleanse those demons right out! OUT DEMONS!!! BE GONE!!!

  • Biggirllittledreams
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    Not to mention, how do you feel your skin and face will look without any nutrition coming in at all?

    I used to be a part of an extremist church, and we would fast for days on end to show our devotion to Jesus (thank goodness I left). That being said, it tended to help my skin and breakouts.

    It just really isn't worth though, since you're taxing your body far beyond it's capabilities. Coming from somebody who is recovering from BED, I can tell you with MUCH confidence that the above people are right. Restriction only leads to episodes of reactive eating/over-eating, and neglecting to deal with the emotional reasons as to why you're using food to cope will only worsen the problem, Times ten.

    PS. Your liver does all the cleansing you need. That's why it exists.