Calorie calculator

Hi everyone .. Just a quick one.. Will mfp automatically adjust my calorie allowance when my weight begins to go down and I need less or do you have to work it out and input it manually.( if you do what's the best way to work it out ?) I am currently 12 st 12 and set to 1390 a day.. Thanks in advance :)


  • amy_lynn_522
    amy_lynn_522 Posts: 55 Member
    I'm pretty sure you have to update it yourself. I had to update it to fit weight loss goals. I do it every 10-15 pounds or so.
  • Ok great.. What's the best tool for working out how many calories you should be having ?
  • KarenJanine
    KarenJanine Posts: 3,511 Member
    If you're following MFP, when you log changes in your weight your calorie goal should automatically adjust.
  • Even better :D .. Thankyou