Healthy foods you were scared to try but now like?

I am halfway through my weight loss journey at the moment, and along the way have been adding in more fruits and veggies, trying new things, etc.

One thing that always grossed me out was spinach. I couldn't believe people actually ate it - it looked like people were eating trees to me.

I bit the bullet and tried it.

Now I have soooo many regrets! It's so good! I wish I didn't have to wait until my 40's to enjoy it!

I am still trying new things (I grew up on meat and potatoes - not much variety to my diet at all!) - so I am interested in what others have tried and ended up liking.

I have yet to try quinoa and chia seeds so I'd love opinions on those - and if anyone has any good spinach recipes, that would be great!


  • nicsflyingcircus
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    Broccoli. I ate it before, but grudgingly. Once I discovered roasting or pan sautéing it wit garlic and a little olive oil, well it was on like Donkey Kong!

    As a side note, my 8yo loves broccoli cooked any which way!
  • I think celery has to be up there!

    Celery used to be this gross, stringy creature to me. But I forgot one vital thing - it's the perfect food-trench!

    It's naturally shaped like a trench, so it's perfect for salsa, cream cheese, cottage cheese, et al! Think about all the junk foods you use as a vehicle, like nachos and such. You don't really get to TASTE the nacho, you taste the dip. But you get the dip calories and the EXTREME NACHO CALORIES! Why not enjoy the dip without the guilt? Celery is the king!
  • Emeryeon
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    well i used to hate mushrooms when i was a kid but now i like them for some reason.
  • dward59
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    Steel cut oats. Nuttier flavor to my taste.

    Asparagus, especially roasted. (my mother boiled all vegetables to an inedible mass. Asparagus and spinach were the WORST. I still won't eat spinach unless it is raw or just lightly wilted.)

    Greek Yogurt

    I'm sure there are others, but these were the big three.
  • brynnsmom
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    Brussel sprouts! As a kid they were just these oddball looking shrunken cabbages that made me shudder. Now they're at the top of my list as far as vegetables go.
  • Ninkyou
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    Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes.
  • superhippiechik
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    I didn't like tofu until I learned how to cook it.
    My favorite way to eat chia seeds is to make a pudding out of them. 2c fluid of your choice(i like unsweetened chocolate almond milk)+2Tbs Chia seeds=yum!
    For Quinoa I cook it in my rice cooker,just like rice, with reduced sodium veggie broth. Then I add it to my cooked veggies of choice.
    Good Luck!
  • cwolfman13
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    I'm a long time foodie so none really....I like pretty much everything so long as it is prepared correctly and it is of high quality.
  • Shalaurise
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    Chocolate! Wait no... that is the food I just have always wanted to eat all day... Hummm, nope. I don't try new things. I used to and then someone decided it was sushi time... that was it for the trying new thing... game over scoob.

    My kids LOVE veggies though. I was OCD with the feeding them healthy foods from day one and so far it is paying off well. Brussels sprouts... my girl loves them and honestly, it just confuses me.. I mean why? For the love of all that is good in this world, why would you eat those horrible little things? /gag
  • redversustheblue
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    I always thought it looked so gross. But then I tried the Sabra Pine Nut Hummus and I could eat the entire tub no problem if I wanted.
  • Veil5577
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    Carrots. I'm slowly learning to like them.
  • Chunkhotep
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    If you don't like Brussels sprouts, you may not have had them roasted. My wife and daughter *thought* they hated them until they were prepared this way:

    Use the little frozen Trader Joe's ones. Or if large ones, cut them at least in half first. I put them in a gallon ziplock back, a little olive oil, salt, pepper, a few cloves of crushed garlic. Close bag and shake all up to coat them. Then spread them out on a cookie sheet (either on parchment paper or sprayed foil). Bake 350 for at least 30min until you start seeing some brown on the edges. When they look like that, I sometimes then sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese on them and turn oven to broil for a few minutes (watch closely so they don't burn up). They practically melt in your mouth and are delicious.