Sodium--I'm always waayy over. Effects on weight loss?

Just started tracking here a few days ago, and when I finish my Food Diary I am always way over in the sodium column (like double what it should be). I have always been a salt / vinegar / garlic craver, rarely crave sweets, and grew up on a high sodium diet. I doubt that I will change that part of my diet so drasticly, but I'm wondering how it will affect weight loss. Yes, I know about high blood pressure, etc. (luckily I am geneticaly on the low blood pressure side) but how about poundage ? Thanks for any input.


  • shadow2soul
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    It will make you retain water, but that's about it.
  • kvansanity
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    Sodium will "slow" your weight loss by making you retain water, but once you get to a healthy level the water will go away.

    I recover from a day of lots of sodium by drinking almost a gallon of water the next day, drinking lots of green tea, and enjoying potassium rich foods. I also steer clear of any unnecessary sodium for a bit -- easier said than done though haha.
  • LyndaLee68
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    Thanks. I have a bad habit of chewing on beef jerky, which is a killer on sodium. I'll plan on adding a few bottles of water on and after days that I do that. Appreciate your input.
  • chrisdavey
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    It's actually determined by the sodium/potassium ratio. Water retention happens when you have a spike in sodium or a decrease in potassium.

    If your habitual intake is 3000mg of sodium say then you don't just always retain water because your intake is higher than RDA. If you then had a 6000mg day (and similar potassium to normal) then you would probably retain more water.

    It just "masks" fat loss on the scale though, doesn't nullify it.

    Sodium is lost through sweat and urine so if you exercise a fair bit or live in a hot climate it is likely that the RDA of sodium at 1500mg is too low anyway. (also as you have low blood pressure)
  • LyndaLee68
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    Thanks chrisdavey. Great info.