Mummy of 2 trying to lose baby weight

Hi, I'm Sophie from Gloucester, UK. I've 2 boys Finlay nearly 2 years and Kian nearly 2 weeks. I'm trying to slowly lose baby weight and fit back into my clothes. All support and advice welcome xxx


  • kkmalay
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    Hi Sophie, congratulations on your newest arrival. I am a Mum of 2 boys in New Zealand, the oldest nearly 3 the other 6 months old. I started MFP when my youngest was 5 weeks old after realising the baby weight wasnt going to fall off as i'd hoped it would and was so gutted when I looked in the mirror. I have lost 24 lbs in 5 months, havent done any exercise other than running around after the boys and the odd jilian micheals dvd, and have just been consistently filling in my diary. Best thing to start I think is just to log your food daily and get some digital kitchen scales and keep them handy, and I found while I lost quickyl on the 1200 MFP recommends, it can leave you feeling a bit washed out with a baby, so ive sat around 1400 and it works really well. Another thing is that as women our weight fluctuates ALOT with our cycles, i weight daily and that stops me stressing about 'increases' that are just fluid retention related to hormones. I'd love to support you along the way, im so glad I started early like you are now, im only starting to get comments now but lots of people now saying I look great and im so super proud of myself..
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    Hi ladies, so nice to see people in a similar position! I've just joined MFP, I live in Scotland and I have 2 kids -- one is 4yr, the other is 1yr and I am so fed up of what I see when I look in the mirror! Looking forward to giving MFP a go and seeing if I can shift some of the weight before the summer! Day 2 done and on track so far!
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    Hi ladies, can I join. I have a 9 month old and am hoping to shift some baby weight too! x