Should I eat back my workout cals

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Should I be burning the same amount of cals as I consume? For ex if I eat 1500 cals a day should I also try to burn 1500 or more cals a day? Help please?


  • faeriecake
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    No. I would suggest keeping workouts around at least 300-400 calories burned. When you log in your exercise in mfp, the calories burned also show up as "calories earned" to eat for the day. Now, this is great for special occasions but I wouldn't eat back all of the calories you burned from your workout.

    So, basically, focus on eating 1500 calories, and focus on getting in a workout as often as possible.
  • stuffinmuffin
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    No no no!!! Eat your alloted calories AND some of your workout calories. And I agree with the poster above you should be looking to burn about 2-500 cals a day - just otherwise you will be so tired! :)
  • boobeey
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    I agree with both post above, don't eat your worked out calories back or you'll just be eating what you just burned which will almost make it a lost cause.
  • zorbaru
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  • brianpperkins
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    MFP builds a deficit into your caloric goal based on how much you tell the system you want to lose per week. That caloric goal does not include exercise. The way MFP is designed is for you to eat back your exercise calories to maintain the net deficit to stay on that weekly loss plan. The big issue many people run into is inaccuracies in calculating both calories consumed and those burned through exercise.

    For example ....
    MFP says eat 1500 calories per day to lose 1 pound per week .... no exercise done .... eat 1500 calories per day to maintain the deficit for a 1 pound per week loss. That same 1500 calorie per day to lose 1 pound per week ... this time burning 500 calories per day exercising .... actually eat 2000 calories per day to net 1500 calories (2000 consumed - 500 burned through exercise) and maintain that deficit for a 1 pound per week loss.
  • schonsdragon
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    I usually don't but if I have a day that I am hungry then I will eat back some of them. Listen to your body it will tell you if it needs the extra calories.