Zumba Anybody?

Hi all.
I have seen at my local club they do Zumba classes almost every day. Has anybody been to one? More specifically has anybody been to one on their own for the first time? I love the idea of the class, I'm just generally a little bit rubbish around people and get a little paranoid. Any words if wisdom? Is it any good? :)


  • lqichick
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    I love my Zumba class !
  • feralkitten1010
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    I can't give you people advice since I'm a bit of an introvert, but my sister swears by Zumba. If it's something you're interested in, go for it! More than likely, most of the people already in the class will be more than happy to welcome you in.
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    Zumba addict! After two years of taking classes, I'm training to be a Zumba instructor. Going to specialize in working with seniors to hofefully encourage healthier lifestyle.I go to high impact classes, but I'm going to teach low impact so I can work for a long time. ;-)
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    Love Zumba, I just don't take that class anymore because I don't want to loose more weight.
  • jimjamtarzan
    Thanks guys! I think im going to go for it and just do it.
    Thats amazing Jaqueline! Good luck :D
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    Yep... just do it! I went to a Zumba Gold class where I barely broke a sweat. I was afraid traditional Zumba would be too much for me even though I do a Step class a couple of times a week. I finally pulled the trigger one day and went on a day that a guy named Xavier was auditioning for an instructor position. He was so much fun!! I can't speak for other instructors, but if they're anything like Xavier you'll go to any lengths to attend the class. For awhile Xavier had a Zumba class immediately following my 45 minute Step class. I would go straight from one to the other, I called it my Big Burn Tuesday! Sadly, they changed that class to Monday's at 7:30, which is too late for me. I still go to the lunch Zumba on Thursday's. I don't think I missed a single one last summer after I started going on Xavier's first day! It's fun and you sweat and burn calories!! Love it! Hope you get a Xavier too!!
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    Do it!! I didn't know a soul at my first Zumba class. It was so much fun! I go 2 or 3 times a week now ;) Don't feel intimidated, thinking that people are going to be watching you either. They're all so busy trying to watch the instructor and keep up with their own steps that they won't have time to watch you. If you try it and aren't crazy about the instructor, try another! All instructors have their own style, and you will have your favorites. Keep it moving and have fun!
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    I love Zumba, if you love to dance than this is the class for you. when I'm there it doesn't feel like I'm working out your just moving to the beat in a 60 minute class you burn up to 900 calories!!! I say go for it and have fun with it.
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    Tomorrow is my first Zumba class and I'm going by myself. It is at our local Y. I just joined this past Friday and have taken two other classes so far. Just go do it, everybody there had to go for a first time. Remember this is for you! Don't worry about what anybody else thinks. I'll let you know how mine goes! Best wishes!
  • kristyloz75
    No more zumba class in my town. Now i'm doing it in my basement with a friend. Zumba with Kinect...super fun..i sweat a lot...and i really need a shower after!!!
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    I go 3x a week! I used to go 4x a week, but one class was dropped for summer. I went to my first one 3 months ago and I am OBSESSED. I've lost another 20lbs since starting Zumba (helped bump me off a plateau). It's legitimately my favorite hour of the day! <3

    Edit: The best thing about Zumba is you show up alone, and it ain't no thing. You'll never be the youngest, the oldest, the thinnest or the fattest. Just tonight, for example, there were a bunch of stick-thin teenage girls trying it out, and, never missing a class, I was beasting my way through the choreo, one of the only ones keeping up with the instructor. I felt amazing. But when I was new and felt like I had 2 left feet? Didn't matter, because no one notices. No one cares. You just sweat and have a ball!
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    Love Zumba!! I went for the first time by myself. Don't let joining a new group intimidate you. Everyone there is in the same boat. I have always found, in any group fitness class, that everyone is welcoming and really nice. Have fun!
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    I teach Zumba Gold, and let me tell you, you would sweat. The only difference between basic and gold is gold is low impact - no jumping and the pace isn't quite as frantic. I thought it would be milktoast, but I've been to other classes and it's a matter of what you put into it.
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    the 1st time you go just stand in the back. Go to at least 3 classes before you decide you hate it, and bring a bottle of water. You will be sweating you butt off! Don't worry about messing up the moves, no one is watching you specifically. Just keep moving, adding arms burns more calories, and screaming, yelling, laughing, singing will burn more calories too. Have fun with it, and just march in place if you have too.

    I have been doing Zumba for about 2 1/2 years, its my favorite work out. My Zumba instructor is awesome, and she's a grandma that will kick your booty. I have seen every age group from teens-seniors attend class, so any-one can do it. You will burn anywhere from 400-1200 calories in an hour, depending on the intensity you put in.