What really works to lose weight

So far what has worked for me tremendously to lose weight is staying connected to MFP throughout the day. Receiving notifications about the success of others is keeping me on track. Using social media that is connected to my goals has been a big difference. Less facebook and more MFP I think will help us all. We become what we surround ourselves with. And if we are in a public forum of good people with similar goals and struggles, we all succeed. This isn't about a fade diet or weird approach. It's about personal accountability and community support. This is the secret, magical weight loss pill, when taken daily!


  • Aynetal3
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    I couldn't say this "more" exactly myself! It's what we've been feeling this last week since starting. I hope we're as good as you keeping things going so much further down the road. 30 lb lost is really amazing if you think about it! I appreciate seeing your posts and enthusiasm when we sign on through the day :)

    Our best,
  • StaciMarie1974
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    Goal setting and methods to help hold me accountable for those goals. Social media works well for that. Have a small group of like minded people I stay in touch with thru a Facebook group for that purpose. And using a Fitbit to have a way to measure my daily activity, and MFP for logging.

    Gadgets & social media are not required, but they've been important in my success.
  • sexymamadraeger
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    I agree! It helps me too especially because I have a sister who is less than happy with my successes. It's tough when there are people in your life who sabotage. I love reading all the success stories and seeing the pics.
  • Debssssssssss
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    I spend more time on here than I do on facebook now these days. Definitely helps to keep me motivated.
  • brandeka
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    I am exactly the same, I was spending more time on FB before. Sometimes I think I am on this site too much because I'm not getting other things done but I'm just getting back to MFP and this time I am connecting with others. Normally that wouldn't be me, but I'm hoping that being accountable will make a difference and keep me going.
  • brandeka
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    to sexymamadraeg - Don't let others discourage you. You have done awesome so far and will continue to do so. Sometimes I think the ones that are discouraging us are the ones that are jealous of what we have accomplished. You have to feel sorry for those people and not let them get to you.
  • mrpmurphy
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    Hi there,

    I agree social media and a fitbit has been very helpful to me to keep on track if only to remind me throughout the day of what I'm trying to accomplish. I did have one issue with the fitbit where as I exercise it adds calories to what I can eat which is great if you want to maintain, but I found not very good if you want to lose weight :). Have you experienced the same? Now I just look at the amount of calories I can eat and ignore the exercise calories unless I'm really hungry then I might snitch a few from that reserve.
  • My daughter. i know its silly but its true also I have always been self conscious when I was heavier. At my heaviest point on my life I was almost 270. Now I am as of this morning 209.8 lbs. Im havent been happier with myself also having a free site were i can keep track of my daily intake is very helpful too.
  • Yes I have found that the Fitbit/MFP integration can be misleading. I try to set my caloric goal for the day and just focus on that versus eating more because the Fitbit is giving me extra calories in the bank. Its like you have to ignore that aspect of it to succeed.