Do we see ourselves in a "heavier" light?

Since January 2013- September 2013 I lost 70 pounds and since then have been maintaining at what I thought was my ultimate goal weight...but on seeing others pics of ppl my height and weight I'm kind of thinking I look much heavier than them. I weigh 10 stone and measure in at 5' 3". Do we see ourselves in a heavier light? I know everyone has a different composition but I am just curious to public opinion!


  • SLLRunner
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    Skewed body perception happens. It takes awhile to get used to being a smaller person. Also, body build and genetics have a lot to do with how people look so it's useless to compare ourselves to others.
  • JaneyB311
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    I think so, definitely. It's so strange to go from perceiving yourself as a 'big' person and everything that goes with it to seeing yourself as you really are now. I still have a way to go, but I am now at the point of people really noticing a difference (and someone actually didn't recognise me in the store the other day!) but in my mind I'm still the same way as before. I get shocked if I catch a glimpse in myself in a mirror sometimes!

    I'm sure you look great and it is just a skewed perception of yourself in your own mind. I guess it will just take some more time to adjust to how you look now.

    Finally, congrats on maintaining for almost a year, that's a fantastic achivement and what I imagine is actually going to be so much harder than the weight loss itself.
  • aedreana
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    I really believe I have a good handle on what my actual size is.I always compare myself to people I see..Very few are my size-- -they are usually either thinner or fatter. That must be because I pretty much know what my real size is. Here's a tip: if you have any friends who are the same size you think you are, ask to try on a pair of their jeans. If they fit perfect, you've got your perception right!