Black/ mostly vegan/ college student

My name is Crystal and I am a and a sophomore in college ( I graduated high school early), I am currently in a 5 year BS/MS Occupational therapy program so that means I want to become an OT lol. I am vegetarian but once I get over my love for cheese I can say that I am a vegan. I love God, I am a very caring and fun person. I hope to meet friends on here who have things in common with me,


  • cndkendrick
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    Welcome Chrys! Cheese....umm, well cheese is very hard to break up with.
  • CrystalPrvbs31
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    Don't be afraid to add me people! I don't bite.
  • msundrstd1
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    Hey Crystal. I went meatless for 3 months, but I loss the battle in May. I ordered a lot of vegan books, but I didn't cook one recipe. I love cheese too, so I know your struggle. I am a 2 week on 6 month off type of exercise diet person. Hopefully, one day I can dedicate myself to really losing. I hope you meet some people with similar goals! Good luck!
  • theCaityCat
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    Hey, I'm an SLP! Are you thinking of working in public schools, or a different setting?

    I'm also nearly vegan except for eggs (I get them locally from the farmer's market). Mmmmm, scrambled eggs.