Waist getting smaller legs getting bigger and jeans...

For years I've always worn jeans that are fairly loose/ baggy in order for them to be comfortable and easy wearing.

I lost some weight and decided to get a new pair of Levi jeans. Since my weight dropped and my waist size has reduced I've been able to fit into nicer jeans and trousers and a better fit. I even joke my legs have got longer since I can pull my trousers up higher lol.

Anyway. Fast forward to now. I've started the 5x5 strong lifts which involve squats deadlifts and generally building stronger, denser muscles. However, my jeans which were now a good fit and now getting uncomfortable. My legs are just getting too big. Although my waist is still reducing.

What jeans brands do the muscluar guys buy? I'm also in the uk.


  • Have you seen Barbell Apparel Jeans?! They make jeans for those with muscular legs/butts and they're extremely functional so you never have to worry about ripping your jeans in the crotch ever again. www.BarbellApparel.com!!!!! :smile: