Hello, lovelies :) add me!

Just getting started on a 16lb goal! Need some friends to keep me company, and keep me motivated :)


  • Sparkle_90
    Sparkle_90 Posts: 37 Member
    also, if you have really fun workout tips, let me know! I'm always ready to try something new!
  • Check this out:


    I have about the same amount of weight to lose. I'm carb cycling and intermittent fasting. Feel free to add me if you wish!
  • KLangleydoula
    KLangleydoula Posts: 1,494 Member
    Hello! I enjoy giving/getting encouragement. Feel free to add me!
  • foodequalshappy
    foodequalshappy Posts: 31 Member
    Hi, I have about 20 pounds to go so I would appreciate the company and the motivation. Adding you!
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,662 Member
    I have 50 to go (actually up 10 pounds since i fell off a little)...Hope everyone reaches their goal...feel free to add if you want
  • brosis85
    brosis85 Posts: 114 Member
    Add me if you like! I am doing a nutrition program and always love having more friends on here! Its great motivation!

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