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Funny (to me) exercise story

SO I am new to scheduled working out and so my first thing to do was buy a tread climber (my treadmill died several months ago) I love it but it was kicking my butt... I started only being able to 2 minutes at a time and as of today I was able to do an 8, 7, 6, 5 then 4 minute session with a timed 5 minute rest in between.

I felt awesome and was so proud of myself that I call my husband in to take a picture of me. Now in general I avoid cameras like the plague, I will literally hide from the, so to me this is a big deal. So here I am sweeting my large butt off, bright red, breathing heavy but smiling. I see the picture quick and ask my husband to send it to a few very important and supportive people in my life. My father, my sister, my mother in law, my sister in law and my boss/friend from my old job- who hosting a meeting with all my work friends.

I go take a shower and I hear my phone going off so I think wow! everyone must be as proud of me as I am! But alas no.... since I had some errands/appointments this morning I had a full face of waterproof makeup on and my signature ridiculously long, thick false lashes-- apparently when I was wiping the sweat off my face, I lost my left eyelash and it attached itself to my chin.... like a tiny black gottee. So I get the message (From my boss) "Wow Im so proud of you, your getting better already but you better call your waxer and get that taken care of.. you Italian hair genes are kickin in early..." ... "umm dev that's not the best look ( from my MIL)" ...." That's what you Grandma looked like after menopause...(From my father)"..and several others...

I was mortified that everyone at my job and my family just saw this... then got over it and laughed. When my husband got off his conference call I asked him "Why didn't you tell me?" and his response "I thought you knew" :angry:

...But anyway the exercise gets easier... hopefully going to start some strength training after another 20 pounds or so....


  • ingasmile2
    ingasmile2 Posts: 43 Member
    That is funny stuff right there! Thanks for sharing!! Reminder, always check photos before sending.

  • SharpieV
    SharpieV Posts: 26 Member
    Good job on the workout- and now you've also gained a funny story that will get funnier (and far less embarrassing) in a very short period of time. Sounds like a great day all together! :)
  • Groovyca2022
    Groovyca2022 Posts: 21,378 Member
    Great story.

    It doesn't get get better! Keep it up!