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Choosing a protein powder



  • Keladelphia
    Keladelphia Posts: 820 Member
    I dont know how close it relates to the type you presently use (as I haven't tried it) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate unflavored. They manufacturer does make flavored types, however, I can only vouch for the unflavored. It dissolves quickly and throughly and does not make the drink thick and gross, actually has no taste, has 25 grams of protein for 110 calories and only two ingredients. I've tried many types of protein powders and have found this type to definitely be the best for me. (I mix it with ice, PB2 and a banana to add some type of flavor)
  • RacerX_14
    RacerX_14 Posts: 578 Member
    There are a lot of good protein brands out there to choose from, that's for sure. I tried several, and ended up with EAS chocolate whey protein. Very smooth taste, easy to mix and doesn't lump up. It also doesn't hurt my stomach in anyway. I average 3 cups a day of this 39g of protein each. You may just have to try a few like did to find the right taste for you! Good luck!!
  • SharpieV
    SharpieV Posts: 26 Member
    I wound up going with ON over EAS- wanted a little more isolate than concentrate since I'm trying to stay close to the one I had and liked. Got two flavors, Milk Chocolate and French Vanilla. I figure those are both pretty classic and shouldn't be too awful even if I don't *like* them, per se. I also usually mix with milk, so that usually ups the 'drinkability' of most of these powders. We'll see how it goes, hopefully I don't wind up having to try to unload them on a gullible fool after trying them myself. I like that ON has been around and has a track record too... plenty of reviews to go off of (here and elsewhere).

    Now it's just fingers crossed and massive impatience! Even with Amazon Prime shipping I'm looking at a week or two. I know I have it pretty good given that that's my major complaint at the moment, but man, that's like forever! ;) Thank you all for your input.