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  • Kristinemomof3
    Kristinemomof3 Posts: 636 Member
    I am dealing with silent reflux right now, so far now dairy, cherries, gluten, I'm not sure what else, I'm still trying to figure out what I can and can't have.
  • leahraskie
    leahraskie Posts: 260 Member
    I have GERD. Certain breads, cereals and fruits eaten in large quantities bother me, but small quantities haven't really given me a problem. I'm not on medication anymore, I should be but I'd need to go get another prescription. Omeprazole is great and if you have insurance it's generally like $5 compared to what they are shucking out on the shelves that is over $20 for the same thing. Sodium bicarb isn't a long term solution for reflux, it's for the short term.
  • SanteMulberry
    SanteMulberry Posts: 3,202 Member
    Bread and just high carbs in general cause acid reflux as well and I almost never see it mentioned. My husband was taking medication daily before we went low carb. One of the unexpected side effects was his acid reflux is completely gone -- he can eat all of the acidic, spicy and high fat foods he wants without issue and without any medication what so ever. Pretty amazing considering not once was he told to cut back on the bread and carbs but just given a prescription when the typical healthy whole grain, bland diet didn't work.

    I would agree with this--when I cut out bread, I got rid of my acid reflux. Coffee does seem to be a little aggravating if I drink it alone.
  • SharpieV
    SharpieV Posts: 26 Member
    I am a bad patient. I have reflux, and have had it since childhood, though wasn't diagnosed until college. I've been given than list and thrown it away more times than I can count. It's more a list of 'foods that might or might not cause problems depending on your own particular body.' The only things, that for me, have reliably caused issues that I need to watch for are alcohol, and as others have mentioned, excess amounts of simple carbs (without protein or fats in the mix). That and coffee... which, like alcohol, I choose to drink anyway. I don't blame anyone but myself when I am reaching for another round of prilosec though.

    So get better. Use the list. Heal yourself. Then slowly add foods back in and see which ones are actually a problem FOR YOU. Most of them will probably be just fine. Some of them might be iffy. One or two you're likely to find result in some unhappiness. I had it easy though- my reflux and stomach ulcers are very painful, so it's hard to miss when something is not working. You're going to have to look much harder with such subtle symptoms.
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    I just checked back with this post. So glad to have it continue after the initial post. Tomorrow I have a follow-up visit with my ENT and will find out the prognosis. I successfully changed my diet according to the list she gave me, and I don't think it makes much difference, but I've expanded my choices anyway. My dry cough is gone; hoever, I notice other symptoms have popped up now and then.

    I ordered a mattress slanter for my bed. I figure about 2 inches up at my head will help immensely. My weight slide has stabilized. My doctor said I'm not underweight. I've had a few indulgences of some of the no-no foods, except for tomatoes and onions. My perscription for Prilosec or whatever, will be finished tomorrow as I go to the ENT.

    I'm going to ask her about a hietal hernia, just in case, although if there are symptoms for that, I don't have any.

    I'd rather have this than diebetes. ;-)