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So I've been working on losing weight for a while, and finally got to my goal. Now that I am where I want to be weight-wise, I look at my body and I'm still not happy with it and I am CERTAIN that I need to start doing some strength training (especially in the upper body). Unfortunately I'm not working right now (although I will be in about a month) so I can't really afford a gym membership quite yet.... but I don't want to wait to get going!

Does anyone know of any good workout routines anywhere online that I can use to get started? I found a couple of great looking programs online in the past, but of course now that I am looking again I can't seem to find them. I understand that ideally it would be better to go to a gym or at least be able to buy some home equipment, but that just isn't my reality right now.

Thanks in advance for the tips. :-)


  • Lelah77
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    Actually, you don't NEED a gym if you have the weights and some self-motivation. There are some tried & true calisthenics and plyometrics that don't require weights... things like push-ups, sit ups, planks, jumping jacks, jumping rope (its not just for 8 year old girls!), squats, burpees, pull ups, lunges... the list goes on and on. Add some weights or inexpensive equipment and you can up your game by adding resistance training or simple weight sets like dead lifts, clean jerks, presses, rows, box jumps, and combo moves for a whole body workout...

    Before I wrote this I googled "calisthenics" and "plyometrics" and millions of responses came up with suggested exercises & descriptions as well as a few with pictures. There are also tons of YouTube videos of at-home workouts. ALL FREEEEEEE!!!

    I work out at home with my whole family. No joke. We lay our Yoga Mats on the kitchen floor and take turns picking exercises to do in circuits. We each pick one or two, then repeat the cycle 3 or 4 times. Sounds goofy, I know, but it makes working out quite fun and it has really helped me keep on point with exercise!!! Oh, and my whole family works out for FREEEEEEE!

    Good luck!
  • redromad275
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    If you can't afford a gym then maybe try something like P90X or Insanity. It does cost but it's not recurring cost. One time deal and you own it. Additionally, what Lehla said is good as well. Push ups, sit up (crunches) and other plyometric exercises are a good start.
  • gromithere
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    Thanks for the tips. When I initially started google searching, I wasn't finding much that seemed to work for me. The more I'm looking on youtube, I seem to be finding some great workouts! Anxious to get going! :-)
  • happysherri
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    Different style pushups - these are amazing
    Plank exercises
    Chair Dips - triceps
    Pull Ups!

    There are so much more that you can do without a GYM.

    GET IT!