big mistake :-(

Well here I am 2 yrs later and still in exactly the same postion!!!!. When I joined the 1st time I had around 140lbs to lose and I lost over a stone (17lbs) really quickly then went on holidays and didn't bother coming back. BIG MISTAKE!!!!. My goals were to lose a lot of weight for a trip to Florida, that never happened and I was so angry at myself as I couldn't fit on a couple of the rollercoasters which I had been on 5 yrs previously. Not only that I was mortified in front of my husband and 2 friends :-(
Anyway!!!, fresh start and ready to give it another go, if anyone is in the same boat as me with A LOT to lose give me a shout and we can support each other x


  • gdnplnty
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    I am restarting as well. (sighs)

    Feels like everything I lost I gained back and that I have so far to go.

    That's ok. Have a great support system here!
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    Was on here before falling with my 3rd baby, lost 3 1/2 stone then found out out was pregnant, every pound went back on, came back and lost 17lb then gained it back, back again and 9lb gone, still 61lb to go but Im in it now until its gone. Add me and I will do my best to support you. You can do it. good luck :-)
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    I was here back in 2008-2010 and lost my weight...then lost my job, went to school and was diagnosed with I am heavier than ever. I have 60 lbs to lose
  • I have been coming here for a year and got no where! I was not participating in the community here however. I bought a Fitbit to track my activity and decided to join in the community here. The response has been wonderful and I am so motivated! You can add me as a friend and we can inspire each other. I just restarted a couple days ago so I am not far ahead of you! We can get our derriere's out of the chair!
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    I restarted 15 days ago.. I am logging daily and trying to find a whole lotta support.. I need it.. I need friends who log and chat daily and don't fizzle in a week or so...
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    I'm here.. Feel Free to add me. Ive tried everything.. but MFP is the only thing that worked for me. Last year I lost 44 pounds and then the holidays came.. I was good until I went on vacation first week of January and broke my foot with multiple injuries. I was depressed and immobile.. I ate.. and ate.. and ate.. Then I was healed.. and I ate some more. Because it was the new lifestyle. I gained back 39 of those pounds.. in just 6 months. I feel like crap (and look like crap). I have about 80 pounds I want to lose to be happy... and if I could lost 100 I would be a supermodel (not my goal). We all have challenges.. it's the COMING BACK that is the important part. Good Luck to all! Feel Free to add me!
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    We can do it! :) We are here! WE WILL DO THIS! :)
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    I can't even count how many times I started and quit. If it was easy we'd all be thin.
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    so true!
  • Hi - My first post :) I'm 56, a teacher, empty nester, married and have 130 minimum to lose. I began gaining in my thirties. I've done everything to lose weight with long periods of doing nothing. I eat for comfort, fun, stress, boredom- I rarely move more than I have to because the weight makes it difficult. I even had gastric bypass 11 years ago - of course, lost quite a bit quickly, but slowly gained it back by not following the new lifestyle - you can outeat gastric bypass. So I've compromised my health - harder to get nutrients after the surgery and self-esteem is at all time low.

    Just about the give up and think "I'll just die from obesity related issues and life is only downhill from here...when - I rec'd some inheritance money and decided (with my husband) that I'd be willing to give it another go but from another approach. I usually focus really hard on the eating and add exercise as I can...thinking I'll do more as I lose more because I'll be more motivated.

    This time - I hired a personal trainer for strength training - only charges $30 an hour session - she and her partner (we switch off weekly) is a fitness trainer at local gym. I go to their homes as I don't want to go to a gym - so self-conscious. Two sessions in and I can tell something is different - truly feel commitment (paying money helps me a ton!), accountability (they make sure I do cardio on off days, and will be helping me with my food plan. For my part, I'm approaching the spiritual side of overeating (reading Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst ) and know that this is the deeper issue of my weight problem. I must learn to use food to fuel my body, be kind to myself, take one day at a time, expect to NOT be perfect, and have a long term outlook.

    This is my new mantra (one, anyway): Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to SUCCEED is always to try JUST ONE MORE TIME. Thomas Edison
  • I hear that! I joined Weight Watchers in 2011 and lost 52 lbs! Last summer I had major emergency surgery an in the past year, I've gained it all back :( WW doesn't really work for me anymore as the basic principle is the higher the fibre, the lower the points. As a result of my surgery, I have a foot less of my small intestine and about a quarter less of my bowel - sooooo, needless to say, I need, ahem, more easily digestible food! :) So, here I am! I joined MFP three weeks ago and am down 7 lbs!! Yay!! All that to say, don't be too hard on yourself, many of us are in the same boat. What matters is that you're here foot in front of the other!
  • Well, they say the third time is a charm, so this will be it for me. I am embarrassed to say that this is my third try but I might as well get it out there. I am here to support anyone who needs it. Just request friend and we can do our best for each other. Let's do this!
  • amandzor
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    The only way to fail is never to start again.

    This is life. There are always things that are going to intervene. But you've got to get back in to the saddle.
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    Haven't we all, look at my profile. Anyway it's getting back on the horse :)
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    anyone who wants to add me as a friend feel free. i'm new but i've been logging daily for over a month, lost 13 lbs in about 3 1/2 weeks.

    i have over 100 lbs to lose. i have one buddy who messages me daily and it's great to get to know a person personally as well as share the weight loss journey, recipes, food ideas, etc. i have room for more :smile:
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    I've been here (active) since June, and plan to be here a long time. Feel free to add me.
  • AmyG1982
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    I'm in the same situation. been on and off of here for years but now I'm trying to make it last. Feel free to add me if you like :)
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    I'm here for you. I went from 245 and down to 171. Want to drop to 165. The road has been long and I have bounced up and down several times. MFP is the best thing I have done and the encouragement I get is amazing.
  • I am also relatively new here. Someone told me about MFP at the beginning of the year and I used it for a couple of weeks and then stopped. Last fall I decided to sell my house and ended up building a new one. I ended up staying with my mom and her husband for a about 8 months until the house was ready. They are both slim and they eat very healthy and I just noticed one day that my clothes felt loose on me, stepped on the scale and wow was down about 20 pounds. I was pretty worried when I moved into my house since I never cooked much and everything I knew how to make was pretty high in calories. Of course slowly the weight started to come back on and I said HECK NO - not this time!! I made an appointment with my new doctor and got a referral to their medical weight loss clinic. I chose to go this route because I needed the accountability and the one on one attention to keep me on track. Their program requires that you journal everything so here I am back at MFP and trying to be much more involved this time. So far it has been wonderful - I am actually learning to cook healthy things and really enjoy it. Of course some days are easier than others but I can already tell my thinking is changing and my attitude is completely different from when I have done this 100 times before. I am always looking for supportees and supporters so please feel free to send me a friend request.

    We can ALL do this!!
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    I've gained and lost weight over the past few years since we had kids. I think once we had kids it really goofed up my exercise routine and it took a while to figure out what worked best. I didn't gain too much this last time around of being lazy and eating crappy, but I'm going to try and lose some more weight over the fall/winter.

    It happens to a lot of people. I find it harder to maintain my weight than to lose weight. Losing weight is just a matter of eating a calorie deficit and exercising. Once you get close to your goal becoming complacent is my problem.

    Hope you can make some good progress this time around and keep it off for good!