calorie counting with homemade meals

I cook a lot of homemade crockpot soups and stews and rarely buy prepared, frozen, canned or boxed meals that already have the nutrition info listed. How in the world do I track homemade meals that include many, various ingredients?


  • monolith66
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    There's a recipe function within MFP, add your ingredients and serving size and you're done.
  • sarahsedai
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    mfp has a recipe calculator where you can input all the ingredients that you use for what you're cooking, and break it down per serving for you. i have yet to utilize it myself, but perhaps that's worth looking into?
  • Pete1964AK
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    If you click on the "food" button as if you were adding something, you'll see a row of options, recipes is one of those buttons.
    Click on that, it gives a couple of different ways to add recipes - we still use the "old" recipe box on that page.

    basically, you just name your recipe (something that you'll remember as is distinct from the hundreds of other versions of spag bol that will be listed - we just stick our initial in front of the name - so we get J Tikka Masala....) so that next time we have that dinner,we don't need to list everything again.

    Then you just say how many portions you expect to get from your dish, add all the ingredients, one by one sadly, there is no quick way( not that we've found anyway) and hey presto, when it's all listed, you'll find out how many calories and all the other macros are, in each portion of your recipe.
  • Sunitagt
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    I much prefer building recipes from the app as you can edit the ingredients much easier.
  • candicebrasington
    Thanks all! I did not know that! I'll check it out. That will be very helpful! :)