What is on your fitness Bucket List?



  • mrshewitt1975
    mrshewitt1975 Posts: 8 Member
    Oh! And to win the T-Shirt at the Marine booth by holding a female pull up for at least 30 seconds
  • umer76
    umer76 Posts: 1,272 Member
    Run 5K under 35 mins(43 mins currently)
    Run 10K under 75 mins (92 mins currently)
    Run 21K under 3 hours (3 hrs 33 min currently)
  • purplenikkii
    purplenikkii Posts: 6 Member
    1. Run a 5K, eventually getting up to a 10K
    2. Complete a 20-30 sec plank
    3. Achieve 30 mins on the stairclimber

    Mostly the 5K though - I've been dying to run one for years.
  • aerochic42
    aerochic42 Posts: 822 Member
    The only one that I can immediately think of is to hike up Diamond Head without dying and being short of breath the whole time like last time.
  • nathalier71
    nathalier71 Posts: 570 Member
    Walk the Camino Trail- 800 km walk from French border across Spain.

    eta: hike down and back up Grand Canyon.
  • kzivic
    kzivic Posts: 326 Member
    Run a mile in under 10 minutes (small goal, easily obtainable)
    Run a 5k without walking (so close, tend to break down in mile 2, can be mentally stronger)
    Run a Half Marathon
    Swim more
    Be comfortable lifting
    Not be intimidated by others at the gym
  • rachelrb85
    rachelrb85 Posts: 579 Member
    Color Run - 5k
    Tough Mudder
    Hike Machu Picchu
    Run the Boston Marathon
  • jimbopolo
    jimbopolo Posts: 40 Member
    Marathon (Done in Stockholm)
    Cycle John o Groats To Lands End (Next year)
    Run a 10k (This year at some point)
    Bike Across America
    Complete a Triathlon
  • bombshellcertification
    one 5k fun run a month doing better time at each---
    Learn to surf and (took first two lessons but two years ago) and sail, swim better
    color run
    become a really good healthy meal cook--take cooking classes
    Cycle trip--somewhere beautiful & historic,,,and delish :)
    cycle more for leisure/transportation
    ice skate & ski more in the winter & learn to snowboard
    do another Warrior Dash with team, raise money for st judes and beat time of 50 minutes to complete
    hike more often & learn how to rock scramble like a champ
    Be able to do complete cycle of push ups, pull ups, dips and develop better upper body strength

    Overcome fitness mental challenges--fears--limits etc...push past fears, limits....
  • htimpaired
    htimpaired Posts: 1,404 Member
    Complete a 5K-completed last month.
    Complete a 5K in under 30 min.

    I haven't come up with anything else yet. Focusing on one thing at a time here...
  • Shtallionchick14
    Shtallionchick14 Posts: 61 Member
    Here are some things I want to do - some that I used to be able to do and some that I have never done.

    Run a sub 8 min mile
    Run a sub 30 min 5k (can't even run a 5k right now :()
    Do a triathlon
    Do a half marathon
    Be able to do a pull up
    Be able to do monkey bars
    Be able to do a kip
    Ride the entire week of RAGBRAI
  • johnmurphymfp
    johnmurphymfp Posts: 2,590 Member
    My Fitness Bucket List mmmm Some are quite low, and others are a bit lofty…. For me. I’m sure as I progress through my journey towards a better me my bucket list will change. Generally try to get in a healthier. I want to be under the “Obese” side of the BMI, and then under the “overweight. As of today, I’m showing 32.8 BMI. I’m 5’8” and I weight 216.

    Faster 1 mile run – Current best 8:50
    5K under 30 minutes constantly (1 race under 30 my PR of 28:02)
    Run a 10K by the end of 2014
    Run a Half Marathon in 2015

    Do a Tough Mudder
    Do a Mud Run
    Do a Go Ruck
    Do any Tri-Spint
  • Lilly_the_Hillbilly
    Lilly_the_Hillbilly Posts: 914 Member
    Run at least a half marathon. Do one of those mud runs. Go rock climbing. Pull ups- at least 10 of them. Take dancing classes.
  • hermann341
    hermann341 Posts: 443 Member
    Run Boston Marathon (3:30 at current age).
    Run 50 marathons in 50 states.
  • joybedford
    joybedford Posts: 1,680 Member
    Do a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon (current time 2hr4)
    Complete a marathon
    Tough mudder
    Complete a crossfit introduction course (currently difficult due to both myself and husband working weekends and having children).
    Finally get to goal weight and stay their .
    Six pack abs.
    Squat bodyweight.
    Become a better dancer. I started lessons in February at 42 year old.
    Do the splits.
    Possibly bikini competition (time permitting with work childcare commitments).
  • VitaminAmy
    VitaminAmy Posts: 130 Member
    Run a 5K in 30 or less
    Do full push ups
    Have a flat belly

    Really feel like I'm athletic and strong.
  • Mighty_Rabite
    Mighty_Rabite Posts: 581 Member
    I'd love to one day:

    -Bench press 315+ (best so far is 265)
    -Squat 405+ (best so far is 345)
    -Dead Lift 495+ (I've almost locked out 425)
    -Overhead Press 225+ (best is 155)

    These are all 1RM weights.

    I'd also like to carve out an actual six pack sometime as well.
  • Catherder58
    Catherder58 Posts: 5 Member
    Hike a volcano in Bali.

    I just added something to my list. Though I'd accept a volcano in Hawaii, since Hawaii's on the bucket list already.
  • azwen
    azwen Posts: 237 Member
    Good question! I would love to do a multi-day hike in the Grand Canyon.
  • dellafiora3395
    dellafiora3395 Posts: 29 Member
    - Run at least a half-marathon in every state
    - Complete a FULL Ironman (Maybe I should do the 70.3 first, haha!)
    - Complete the Dopey Challenge at Disney World
    - Bring my 5k down to under a 27 eventually