My Zero Day is Upon Me!



  • novalh42
    novalh42 Posts: 102 Member
    I love your story!! Very inspiring!
  • Wookinpanub
    Wookinpanub Posts: 635 Member
    Congrats!!! You remind me a lot of myself. I am almost 43 and was super skinny until my late 20s then ballooned up to 255 - almost 100 lbs since age 18. I would eat everything is site. I had some minor health issues and very bad self esteem.

    How tall are you? I am 6-3 and my goal is 195.
  • Bloomboom
    Bloomboom Posts: 31 Member
    Congratulations on your progress! I think your story is much more common than unusual. Your story is inspirational.
  • AHealthyMe1lbAtATime
    AHealthyMe1lbAtATime Posts: 188 Member
    So inspiring! Awesome job! :)
  • DAM5412
    DAM5412 Posts: 660 Member
    WOW...amazing transformation!! Congratulations and good luck at your 5K tomorrow!
  • dimple_gal
    dimple_gal Posts: 138 Member
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your inspirational journey! We all need to be reminded that you got to have the mental determination to have the physical outcome!
  • amielou42
    amielou42 Posts: 36 Member
    Wow, really awesome.

    I also have that "double take" thing sometimes in the mirror.... "who is that" I ask sometimes in photos!!! Maybe it will take us a while to get used to our new bodies, but I am sure glad (as you probably are) to be on the other side of it all.

    You've done an amazing job!!! Congratulations, you look fantastic. I bet you feel it too :-)
  • aNewYear123
    aNewYear123 Posts: 279 Member
    Wow, great job! Good luck on your 5K.
  • MomforNoah
    You look amazing !
  • sflohr
    sflohr Posts: 20 Member
    How terrific you look! I am stunned at the transformation. You are very inspiring!!!
  • yankeedownsouth
    yankeedownsouth Posts: 717 Member
    Great job! You look wonderful!!
  • becca473
    becca473 Posts: 21 Member
    Your story is great. Congrats!
  • branbuds
    branbuds Posts: 624 Member
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story! I love reading the success stories on mfp - they keep me motivated. Congrats on your success!
  • pleasurelittletreasure
    Thanks for sharing your story. I can see you have worked very hard and it shows! I also had the skinny-until-late-20s fun and the realization that I just can't eat like a kid anymore. Thank goodness for personal pizzas or I would never get to have any pizza at all since I also have a similar problem with controlling eating just a bit of what I like instead of the whole thing! Pepperidge Farms Coconut Cake no longer comes into my home. :sad: But I think it's important to realize these things about ourselves. Then we can focus on the things that makes us feel good about our choices. You seem to have mastered it! :drinker:
  • christhenix
    christhenix Posts: 163 Member
    Awesome job. Well done mate. :drinker:
  • Klunker79
    Congrats! I am just starting my journey into weight loss and your story is a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!
  • JoyoftheRedeemed
    JoyoftheRedeemed Posts: 5 Member
    So proud of you! Thank you for this encouraging post.
  • valkaree
    valkaree Posts: 519
    Awesome man, congrats! Thanks for the honesty and inspiration
  • RRB2000
    RRB2000 Posts: 77 Member
    Excellent job..thanks so much for sharing your story, and whenever I have a setback, like the rather long one I've been on, it helps to know I'm not the only one out there that struggles. You look amazing and are truly an inspiration!
  • JennyToy
    JennyToy Posts: 149 Member
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!
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