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    Oh man, i feel you lol. last time I ate the whole house! I have noticed though, that when I cut down on breads/carbs and eat a bit more fat, I don't overeat as much, if at all.
  • nutmeg4204
    As a fellow PMDD sufferrer, I completely understand this. One solution I have is to just allow the cravings to take over. You can make sweets much healthier if you make them from scratch. I learned how to use 1/3 oat, whole wheat and whole wheat baby white (not bleached) instead of regular flour. Applesauce instead of oil, and organic sugar or honey instead of more refined sugar. Last time I lost a ton of weight, I did it eating baked goods all the time, but with these substitutions. PMDD is HORRIBLE. Every month I thank God that my last pregnancy reversed the mental side of it. My cravings are still bad and I still have numb leg. Sometimes when going through this, we just have to thank God that it isn't worse, and just deal with what symptoms we do have, even if it does mean eating that entire chocolate bar. Just remember that when you must give in, tomorrow is a new day and that you can work harder the next day to get back on the healthy side of things.
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    I'll eat dill pickles or have some Altoids mints when I can't get a grip on cravings. Only a few calories, but both are really strong flavors and I usually don't crave the taste of something else following them. The pickles help settle the cravings for salty and the mints for something sweet.
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    Thanks everyone. I was on birth control for a while for the medical aspects but as I've gotten older it has affected my blood pressure negatively. The last time I was on it I had to go off because my blood pressure spiked to stroke levels. So no more BC for me.

    Same goes for SSRIs (antidepressants). Unfortunately I'm in the like 2% of people whose blood pressure is affected negatively.

    Which basically leaves me with trying to control it with diet.

    All of these food suggestions are great though, I will try a few of them and see what happens. Thanks again!

    I did not have so much as a cranky moment related to TOM before having my 4th child and only son. My hormones where whacked beyond belief after giving birth to him.

    I tried 7 different BC in 2.5 years...The PMDD I experienced were horrible. I did not have predictable TOM, even on the pill, and only knew when I might be possibly due for TOM when I felt completely out of control of myself as a human, emotionally, physically etc. I would feel tired, have cravings, scream at people, want more horrible thoughts to end, hate myself for giving into a craving etc. After 2-3 days of this I would tell my husband, usually in tears, that I bet I get TOM tomorrow..and lo and behold i would.

    I could not do another pill. Between migraines, pain, frightening moods, and unusual cycles it was clear that non of the BC was going to "fix it". I went to a crazy doctor we call the witch doctor. He did all kinds of nutrition allergy type testing and told me to go gluten and dairy free for 6 months and then we would go from there...symptoms improved dramatically in 6 weeks. I am regular and on my worst months I would say I have PMS..not PMDD anymore. His methods are odd but his results match testing I had done earlier in life via blood tests etc.

    Look up Nutritive Response Testing. It is nuts but it is one of those things that can't hurt to try and if it doesn't solve problems you have not done anything harmful to your body.
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    I just eat at maintenance for a few days. I know I could force myself to eat less, but why make it more horrible than it already is? Whoever mentioned the salted chocolate, that works for me too - salted caramel milk chocolate does me wonders. Sweet, salt, and fat all in one package. I always forget about it though so thanks for the reminder!

    I have also heard of taking L-tryptophan or eating tryptophan rich foods can help - I can't personally vouch for it as I haven't really researched into it much or tried it on myself, but it can't hurt to include more of those foods in your diet and see what happens.
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    Okay....It's embarrassing that I know this but the Stonyfield chocolate frozen yogurt has 400 calories in an entire pint. Sometimes I have 400 calories left over....and I eat the whole thing!
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    I just give in and eat like total crap when I am pmsing BUT I just make my meals the junk I'm craving so I'm not eating junk on top of other meals too. Sometimes my breakfasts will be...cookies and muffins.... and then I'll have an ice cream bar later in the day after 'lunch' lol. I just try my best to set aside calories for that or I just bump up my exercise so that even if I eat a bunch of junk the damage isn't too much. I do get super bloated though from my bad eating and it always dies down after a few days because I don't go over the calories much, but the nutritional value of the stuff I eat when pms is probably really bad.

    I dont get the horrible cravings very often, but every few months it happens