How many calories can one lose by walking 2-3 miles per day?

Has anyone had any success stories to share? Please motivate.:smile:

I cannot run since I have back issues, so have to burn calories only by walking.

Thanks in advance.


  • brianpperkins
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  • meshashesha2012
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    probably 200-300 .
  • cookieinbk82
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    In 2011 I weighed 238 pounds. I lost 70 pounds in 2012 by walking 6 miles a day.
  • cwwinnie2
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    I have a bad back and couldn't run either. Walking at first actually out my back into spasms. I have been walking for approx 8 months now, typically 2-3 miles... 3x a week. It's totally helped me lose weight, but more importantly helped my fitness and back pain. I can now jog for periods of time, enjoy spinning and other forms of exercise. Walking alone WILL get u to your goal. My walks are usually 45-60 minutes. Calories burned depends on your weight.
  • JanieJack
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    After a series of surgeries that caused me to put on weight, I lost about 20 lbs by walking ~3 miles a day. The cool thing was this is about how long it took me to watch one of my shows, so I would put on my headsets and walk each night to a show.

    After awhile, I needed to increase the incline and speed and so it ended up being about 4 miles a day (still one show) until I was strong enough to add weights back into the mix.

    I'm dealing with back pain following an accident (my 2nd of the year!!) and so I know how tough it is, but you can do it!!

    Also, another thing you might try if available and convenient is water walking or water aerobics. This was wonderful when I was pregnant!!
  • Mr_Knight
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    Divide your weight in pounds by 3, that's roughly how many extra calories you'll burn walking a mile.
  • FindingAmy77
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    I walk everyday. Usually around five miles by the time I get back home. MFP says I burn around six hundred but I don't trust it entirely. It depends on how fast you walk.
  • SnazzIT
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    I walk between 5KMs - 10Kms on average a day, 5-6 days a week. I started walking because of sore knees and moved disc. The doctor told me to be more active and thats what I did. I started at 30mins a day but now can easily walk 1 and half to 2 and half hours and I love it. I have lost over 30lbs just from walking and since logging in everyday to MFP.

    To help me keep motivated I use a Nike + sports band to count my walks synced to a transposer pod. You can find other brands like fitbit etc or just a cheap step counter.
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    Thank you all for your motivation and inspiration.
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    Hit the exercise tab, enter walking in the search bar. Hit enter. Click the appropriate pace. (Example, "Slow pace", "Moderate pace, walking the dog", whatever. Enter the minutes performed in the box. Hit enter. The calorie count will calculate for you. No need to guess or ask. Good luck!
  • 1HappyRedhead
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    I've lost 46lbs since mid-February and all I've done is walk. I started out walking 3 miles on the weekends (both Sat & Sun), and sometimes during my lunch hour. I haven't been completely consistent, but I'm becoming more so now. I'm back to walking most weekends, 3.5 miles, walking at least a couple days a week during lunch, 2.5 miles, and just started back to the gym.
    We'll see how it goes... good luck to you!! :flowerforyou:

    p.s. I eat cookies. :wink: