Gaining and exercise

If you are struggling to gain weight, should you exercise?
I'm trying to gain and stay healthy. (Or get healthy)
I walk 2 miles a day sometimes a little more.
I ride a bike a couple of blocks. (Don't laugh, I'm just starting)
I also started lifting low low weights to build some arm muscle.
But people keep telling me I won't gain any weight if I burn it off walking and doing the weights.
I don't want to be a couch potato yet I can't hardly eat enough now as it is.


  • jimmmer
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    You should exercise.

    You should just learn to eat an appropriately calorie dense diet to net more calories than you burn. Then you'll gain weight.
  • AliceDark
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    If you start burning more calories without also increasing your intake, you'll stop gaining (or start losing) weight. To gain, you need to create a surplus (take in more calories than you burn). If you burn more, you'll consequently need to eat even more.
  • nikkohli
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    I ride a bike a couple of blocks. (Don't laugh, I'm just starting)

    Good for you! No laughs here--everyone has to start somewhere.
    Are you working with someone to hit a calorie target/weight target? I know you posted another thread and got some good ideas on some cal dense foods; are those working?
  • gelar93
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    I would try to focus more on lifting and less on cardio, maybe only 2-3 times a week do cardio.
  • kynsie2
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    No, not working with anyone. My dr gave me a list of foods, my fiance looks up food that is suppose to be good for you
    Yes, trying some of those foods that were suggested. I just can't eat much at one time. Slowly getting better, but I'm just never hungry.
    And since I'm pre-diabetic I have pretty much cut out all sugars (except fruits) and starches.
    I'm suppose to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day but yet, keep 4 hrs between meals to keep sugar levels even. lol
    I'd never be able to go to bed.
    I figured if I built some muscle I'd look heavier and exercise might stimulate my appetite.
    For lunch I had a all natural peanut butter sandwich with all natural no sugar jelly, a serving of grapes, low fat greek yogurt and a Ensure plus.
    I'm stuffed!
  • chrishunt888
    The Scrawny to Brawny book gives a good idea the amount of calories you actually need to consume in order to put on muscle mass (it's a lot!). As mentioned in the earlier posts, you definitely need to exercise otherwise you will just get fat and not gain healthy mass.
    Remember that gaining muscle mass is just science: keep a log of your measurements, keep a log of what exercises you do, keep a log of what you eat. If nothing changes, make small adjustments to the variables until you see some changes.
    Hope this helps.