I must confess to the person above that....



  • SheGlows
    SheGlows Posts: 520 Member
    Sometimes, when I'm home alone, I bathe in Jello in the bathtub and pretend I'm a gummy bear. Cherry Jello only.
  • islander_2013
    islander_2013 Posts: 13,378 Member
    i want to be reincarinated as cherry jello
  • SheGlows
    SheGlows Posts: 520 Member
  • Chalk_Slinger
    Chalk_Slinger Posts: 1,012
    I imagine she smells of sunshine and cool rain
  • SheGlows
    SheGlows Posts: 520 Member
    You just told me I'd get a restraining order from you. Why would you do that to someone that smells like sunshine and cool rain?!
  • cklbrown
    cklbrown Posts: 4,696 Member
    I have creeped your profile!
  • Groovyca2022
    Groovyca2022 Posts: 21,378 Member
    I am unsure if it was my late workout last night or sleeping but, my lower back in feeling it. I need a massage...lol
  • Chalk_Slinger
    Chalk_Slinger Posts: 1,012
    I know all the words to LET IT GO from FROZEN and belt it out when alone!
  • Tialuna18
    Tialuna18 Posts: 9,592 Member
    I'm pleasantly amazed with the progress you've made, that's wonderful!
  • dhall2011
    dhall2011 Posts: 209
    I should have been asleep hours ago. :/
  • im procrastinating...gotta complete assignments..logging off
  • CPrun1
    CPrun1 Posts: 550
    i tried to creep your pics
  • jeets888
    jeets888 Posts: 2,237 Member
    i'd like some of them abs .... am working towards it though. Well done!
  • ilfaith
    ilfaith Posts: 16,689 Member
    I set my alarm clock for an hour earlier than I needed to so I could spend time on MFP
  • im obsessed with reading...if i really love a book,id stay awake the whole night and finish it off..only then would i get any sleep :D
  • TheNewPriceIsLoading
    TheNewPriceIsLoading Posts: 2,135 Member
    I have only recently re-discovered how much fun reading is... I missed books.
  • YF92
    YF92 Posts: 2,893 Member
    I decided id get up at 8 am and study for my final

    It is now 9 pm and i studied a total of 30 mins
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    I've got tons of mudding, sanding and painting to do and I'm LAZY! :ohwell:
  • Behxo
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    You are a beautiful person inside and out no matter what those "rate the person above you" boards sometimes say