Workout in before work



  • Derry5
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    I do exercise before work quiet often, usually only do Cardio and abs. Then do weights after work.
  • littlekitty3
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    I get up at 4am. I would get up later if it wasn't for the fact that I need to beat everyone to the shower since everyone takes last minute showers and one of them is in there for 45 minutes.
  • Unice95
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    I started working out in the morning approximately 3 months ago. I love my bed too. I started out getting up 5 minutes before time to do stretches. Eventually, the time increased and my exercises changed. I am now jogging 1 mile, in place, 20 minutes before my normal wake up time. I workout to Leslie Sansone's dvds. I wake up at 4:45am to be finished by 5:05am. Mentally...a little is a lot....don't think it's not. I also have to be in the bed by 10pm on the dot or I will not want to wake up at 4:45am. I hope this helps. I truly love doing it in the morning.
  • patrickblo13
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    I wake up M-F at 4:50am back home from the gym by 6am (the gym is literally 2mins away). I love early morning workouts. I have more energy during the day and I can't make an excuse for not going. Not to mention I have almost the entire weight room to myself at that time.
  • 365andstillalive
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    Early morning workouts are the worst thing in the world... until you do them for about 2 weeks and then everything changes.

    I'm lucky in that I work kind of an irregular job (contract to contract) so while I'm typically working 5 days a week, I get periods (like the last month) where I've been off for an extended period of time (usually 2-3 weeks). What's been really important for me has been finding a workout schedule that works for me, whether I'm working that day or not.

    Because my job primarily takes places at malls and festivals (I'm a face-to-face fundraiser), I often don't have to be in until 9/9:30, so I get up anytime between 6-7 and workout depending on how far I have to drive to get to work. If I'm not working that day or start later on, I'll do longer workouts (45-60min), but if I work I try to keep it under a half hour, enough to wake me up, put me in a good mood, but not enough to make it impossible for me to go into work and stand/walk for 8+ hours and chat with people.

    If you're looking to start morning workouts, I'd really recommend starting with something that's only going to force you out of bed less than a half hour earlier than you currently get up, like a short run. As you get more comfortable with that wake-up time and notice you have more even energy throughout the day from working out, you should be able to lengthen it to get in a complete workout before you have to head in without feeling like you're losing sleep.
  • My Fitbit wakes me up at 5am, at this point my body is expecting it and I usually have to use the bathroom anyway. I'm not always excited to get up and sometimes I do lay there for an extra minute and contemplate sleeping instead. Ultimately I always get up. Once I'm up and heading out for my workout I'm happy I did, every time. My exercise right now is just going for a 2 mile walk each morning. Its the best time to me because it is quiet out, not much traffic, and its a good time to wake the body up, clear the mind, and get energized for the day. When most people are just waking up and starting their day I look back and think I've already walked 2 miles and I feel great. By 6:30 I'm ready to leave for work and it really does make me feel good for the rest of the day. Sometimes later in the day, after work, I will go for another walk, On the weekends I do 4-5 miles in the morning instead of two. I hope at some point to go for a run in the morning instead of a walk and very soon I plan to actually use my gym membership to go lifting after work.
  • InsanityForMe
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    Well, I don't "work" a regular job, but there are days when I have to be somewhere by 9am, and I drive my kid to school between 7-7:30am during the school year, and I get my workout done before that or it doesn't happen.

    It was tough to get up super early at first, but the feeling of regret later in the day for not having done it outweighed the feeling of dragging myself out of bed at 4:45am. :smile: Plus, after a few days of getting up that early, bed time started happening earlier and the sleep balanced out.

    Generally I'm up by 4:45, working out in the living room by 5:00, done by 6:00. In the summer I have a bit more flexibility since there's no school, but I still get it done early to beat the heat and be done before the rest of the fam is up.

    Part of what helps is just getting the right mindset - I resolved that I was going to do it, so I did! I lay my workout clothes out the night before, have my workout all ready to go (DVD, online vid or whatever), so all I have to do is roll out of bed, into my workout gear, grab the dumbbells and press play.

    I've been keeping this schedule for over two years now and I love it - getting the workout done first thing is a great start to my day.

    ^^ I do my workout in the early morning too. It is the only time I will be able to get it done. I have gotten use to it and love my routine
  • Eaglesfanintn
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    I've always been a morning person, so getting up early is no big deal. I get up at 4:00. Take the dogs for a walk and then go for a run. Like others have said, I know if I wait and try to do it after work, it's 50/50 at best that it will actually get done. I do try to go to the gym twice a week at night as well, but it's kind of hit and miss.
    The other good thing about early workouts - especially if you're a runner - is you miss the worst part of the day. So, I still get up early on the weekends to get my longer runs in before it gets to be too hot.
  • fclefguy
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    I work Monday-Friday 5am-2pm and i get up ( or at least try to) everyday at 3, give myself 15-30 minutes to wake up before I start exercising. I try to get 30-45 min in each morning usually cardio with some weights. I also try to do 45-60 min every night before bed with just weights/bodyweight. Unfortunately that doesn't normally happen until 9 or 10 at night though..
  • Mad4282
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    Always! I know I will skip my workout 75% of the time if I wait until after work! I get up at 445 and am at the gym or running by 530! I am home by 645 and leave for work at 745! It's not easy, but you make it a priority! I don't have to worry about getting anyone else ready but myself, so that helps!

    ^^^^THIS! I keep the same schedule and it truly has helped me immensely. I have lost near 40 pounds and have only missed one workout in three months thanks to getting them out of the way in the morning. I find myself to have more energy during the day as well. Another bonus is when I have downtime after work sometimes I sneak in a short second workout just because, but I know if I get home and am too tired or want to go out with friends I can do that knowing my workouts are all done!
  • Azexas
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    I usually up around 4:40am and at the gym by 5am. I do strong lifts so I'm there 3x a week. It was rough the first couple weeks trying to get up that early but once I got into the routine its just second nature. I can think of 101 reasons why I can't go to the gym after work, but very rarely have I missed an early morning work out.
  • BowHunter1967
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    Every Day for me now that I've started getting fit again.
    I love 'cause it gives you an edge on the day.
  • AMW47
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    I started getting up at 4:45 to go to the gym three days a week a couple of months ago. I hated it for the two weeks and then it just became natural. I pack EVERYTHING I need the night before so I literally just need to roll out of bed, go to the bathroom and put on my workout gear and I'm out the door. I'm actually starting to wake up significantly earlier than my alarm on the two days I don't go to the gym early, so I wouldn't be surprised if I start going 5 days a week in a month or two.
  • jpapp13
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    I used to go after work when I first got back to the gym but getting home at 8:30/9 to make dinner just wasn't flying for me.
    I've been doing mornings for quite a bit, at first it was awful and some mornings I'll admit it's hard to crawl out of bed.
    I'm generally up by 4:30 at the gym a little after 5 and done by 6 / 6:30 , this gives me a chance to get home, get a shower and make a proper breakfast before heading out the door to work.

    I go to cross fit twice a week in the evenings but it's so close to home that I'm back by 7:30, can eat and relax before having to head to bed.

    Also the transition made early morning races more bearable ..
  • Chaskavitch
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    I am at work by six am one week, seven am the next (it switches every week), so trying to wake up early enough to lift before that is just not going to happen. My husband would hate me. However, it means that I'm off work by 2:30 / 3:30 pm, so I just go straight across the street to the gym and lift with my sister. If I went home between work and the gym I would definitely get stuck and not go, so I do understand just getting it out of the way. It helps that we don't have kids yet, too.

    Kudos to all of you who wake up at like 4, I could never get myself to do that. Good job getting your workout in no matter what.
  • jemhh
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    I workout before work 3-4 days a week. Usually I'm up between 5:15 and 5:30. One of those days I run and the other days I strength train. We just joined a gym so tomorrow I'm going there before work. It opens at 6 so I plan to be there when they open the doors. I can only leave the house to exercise a couple of days a week before work due to my husband's work schedule and childcare issues so I mostly workout at home. Two nights a week I run .
  • stevesilk
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    I hate getting up early but I LOVE WORKING OUT IN THE MORNING! Weights on MWF (5:15-6:30 AM) - Stronglifts 5 x 5 - and tennis on Saturdays (7 AM). A part I enjoy is having my workout out of the way. The second is that I love the endorphins from the workout. The gym is less crowded, and people then are much more "workout" oriented and less chatty. But everyone needs to find their own time. Tennis is just a love affair for me. I would play 7 days a week if I could.
  • Thanks everyone for your experience sharing. Really helpful and at least I know I'm not alone. :happy:
    Well, I'm going to start my morning workout on tomorrow.
  • stuffinmuffin
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    When I've worked out before work one of the key things to help me is to have all my workout stuff laid out ready, so I literally crawl out of bed get straight into workout gear and then there's no turning back from that.
  • FR89
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    all depends on when you need to start work i guess...

    For me, i've decided to do early morning workout again (i've done it before and it felt great) but then i changed jobs..

    I start work at 9:30am so i wake up at 6:30am and either attend a class in the morning like spinning, HIIT, bodypump which lasts an hour or do a random working on my own with 30min cardio and 30 min weight exercises. leave gym at 8 and have 45mins to get ready and leave for work by 9am (miss little bit of traffic time too)

    Not going to lie, it's hard to get out of bed and takes some serious dedication, but its so worth it!..