Finally Getting Serious

Hi people. I'm really trying to get serious about losing weight. I need to lose about 65lbs. I haven't really been able to stick to anything because I don't get much support. None of my friends really get it and I go to uni so everyone is always ordering takeout. I could definitely use some friends on here so we could motivate each other. Don't hesitate to add me, in fact, please do. :happy:


  • limitless1995
    Hi :)
    Im kinda new here,also starting uni soon,so hit me up if you want and mssg me if you need some motivation. :)
  • thegreatcanook
    thegreatcanook Posts: 2,419 Member
    You can add me and I'll cheer you on and encourage you!
  • FR89
    FR89 Posts: 186 Member
    Hello!! =)

    Same issue here, no one is ready to help, and because of social dinners and meetings there is a lot of eating out.

    I seriously seriously seriously started on my 'healthy living' on 19th august.. and i feel super motivated!

    I'm a carb/food addict and eat out way more than I should. Still surprisingly within my BMI range, however, close to being overweight. So would like to get in the middle range.

    Overall i have 3 stones I want to lose, but mentally concentrating on life style changes and breaking habit. Hopefully weight will start falling off.

    Happy to motivate and help =)

    Will send a request now!