havent lost weight in at least two weeks...

But wear smaller pants...

I eat at an absolute defecit. No mistakes. No estimations. I also exercise a lot. A lot.

I have been going up and down in the same 4lb range for at least two weeks. I shouldnt be gaining,let alone not losing. I should be losing at least 2lbs per week.

I just feel like its too early in the game for a plateau,and while I am doing some strength training Im eating at a defecit and dont feel like "beginner gains" explains it. I was losing more weight back in february.when I wasnt exercising (scalewise).

Yet I fit into a pair of 22/24 pants that I didnt use to fit into.

So should I come to the conclusion that my body is just becoming more dense,and someday Ill still be 315lbs but a size 6 (lol)

Note-i do some exercises on wiifit u so thats why I weigh daily,its part of how it works.


  • ashlinmarie
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    Looks like your body is just in a period of losing inches so definitely not a plateau. If you go three weeks with no weight or inches lost, you might need to change up your routine (alter calories or exercise) but just give it some more time and if you're losing the inches you're still golden and hopefully the pounds will work their way off with time. If it is getting you down, start taking measurements so you can see that your hard work is still paying off. Good luck and keep at it girl :)
  • ajff
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    I've only been doing this since April, but I will never forget July!

    July. I walked MILES with a faster pace each time. I ate at a deficit. The WHOLE month.

    And I stayed the same weight for 3 whole weeks. (2 for real and one was that time of the month..., but still 3 weeks does play mind games with you).

    In the weeks since, I have lost between 3 and 5 pounds each week with no real change in what I was doing.

    Have patience, a friend told me to "Trust the deficit" and it was great advice. If your math is all good, you should start seeing results soon. If not, you might want to check your math or change things up!
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    Ive meant to measire but tbh im pretty fat so I havent seen a tape measure that is long enough(although im mostly trying to steal little measures from friends that sew haha)
  • You might not be resting enough. As counterintuitive as it sounds, your body needs adequate rest to repair and keep up with you. Enough water intake? Try adding pure lemon juice to your water; it'll alkalize, and help flush your system and digest easier.
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    I drink plenty of water throughout the day but I dont do lemon bc it irritates my acid reflux.
  • Top 5 reasons why you are not loosing weight-
    You might not be exercising enough
    You have to work hard if you want to change the shape of your body. That means a balance of medium-high intensity cardio exercise along with challenging strength training workouts.

    You're not getting enough sleep
    Lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain, though experts aren't exactly sure why. Women who sleep 5 hours a night were more likely to gain weight than women who slept 7 hours a night.

    You're too stressed out
    Stress and weight gain (or lack of weight loss) go hand in hand. Though you may not be aware of it, being under constant stress can increase production of the hormone cortisol which can cause an increase in appetite as well as extra fat storage around the abdominal region--a big no-no since abdominal fat is linked to diabetes, high cholesterol and other health problems.

    You're eating too much
    If you're not tracking your calories each day, you may be eating more than you think. Portion control is one culprit, especially with restaurants providing enough food in one meal to feed several people.

    You're not consistent with your exercise and healthy eating
    If you find your workouts are hit-or-miss and that you give in to temptation a bit too easily, your weight loss may hit the skids. For exercise to work, you have to do it on a regular basis. Once your body adapts to your program, you then need to change it to keep your body challenged. If you skip too many workouts, it's almost like starting all over every time.
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    Go by the pants, unless you're in the habit of wearing your scale in public!
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    I went through the same phase that you are enduring right now. I did not lose anything for close to 1 month and my weight fluctuated by 1 kilo up and down in that period. Finally this week, I started losing again but I must say I was seriously frustrated and desperate. I actually spent time analyzing my diet and exercise. Same as you, I kept to my caloric goal on most days and was not over eating. The only thing I did change was my exercise routine which included a bit of weight training. I did read that this can cause superficial weight gain due to the muscles holding fluid but I am not the expert. There is a lot of conflicting thought on this one.

    I hope it passes for you soon. Chins up and let's hope for the best!:smile:
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    Go by the pants, unless you're in the habit of wearing your scale in public!

    Yup, the scales can fluctuate for a number of reasons, but if clothes are fitting better then that's good progress! If you are lifting weights, its probably water weight that you've gained.
  • kaseysospacey
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    I exercise for hours,my goal is 300 mins/week but I am usually 500-600. I never overeat. So I know its not that. I guess its muscle related from strength training
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    1. Weight loss isn't linear. You can eat the same thing every day for one month and lose 2 lbs one week and gain three the next. Water weight, hormones, glycogen, poop, dehydration, etc can all cause scale fluctuations.
    2. Two weeks is a very short period of time. Too short a time to see consistent loss or consistent gain. I look at my 1 month progress.

    That said, do you weigh everything you eat and measure all liquids? Your dairy is closed; if you open it, people can give you more specific advice. Since this lull only started since you started exercising.... are you possibly overestimating your exercise calories?

    Edited to add: have you dropped your calories/had MFP recalculate since you've lost the 40 lbs?
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    It's normal. I typically lose 3-4 pounds in a week, gain back a couple within the next 3 weeks, then lose 3-4 pounds again. Plus we always retain water before/during a period. Just keep doing what you're doing, as long as you're sure you're eating at a deficit, you will lose again.
  • kaseysospacey
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    I dont eat back exercise calories. Im not supposed to per my dr. My diary is closed because I dont want to be belittled for being say,under by x calories and not force feeding myself to meet a number. Which has happened in the past. I was more concerned because Id wake up up by 5lbs,the next day down 2,then up one,never going below the original number before that plus 5,know what I mean?
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    you may want to reevaluate your goals and settings. I had the same issue for a while, my highest weight was 337lbs. Evaluate, what types of food you are eating and try to change it up, your body may be used to what you are already doing. I'm no expert, but I've been on this journey long enough and 20 x's over to really evaluate and modify and change to lose weight. I used to also keep my diary closed for the same reason (mind you, I have JUST changed my diary to be opened to my friends after 4 yrs of keeping it private, which didn't benefit me, at all), however, people that ridicule and have snarky comments can be deleted. Your not here to be belittled, your seeking advise and being able to help you involves maybe it's what your eating? I used to feel embarrassed to show people how I eat, especially since I"m an emotional eater. Now I learned that I can make healthier choices and not feel guilty or deprived and consistently lose weight. It's your choice tho. I would love to give you support of you need it. I've learned a lot in this journey alone and reading this made me feel like, OMG that was me too!! So any advise or support I can give, I will. It's a struggle, but if you re-evaluate and switch it up a bit you may start shedding lbs again. Do you measure yourself? You could be losing inches even if your not losing weight. Now I'm rambling. LOL send me a friend request if you'd like. Take care! :flowerforyou:
  • kaseysospacey
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    I have lost inches,that's why I'm confused. I don't understand how you can lose inches and not weight. I'm not an emotional eater or anything,I used to have a severe.hormonal imbalance that made me really sick and made it impossible to lose weight and had other side effects. Now I'm on a much higher dose medication and function like a completely average human being. I probably exercise too much but I can't help it,its my stress relief.
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    Taking a wild guess it's probably either water retention or you're not eating enough.
  • AleciaG724
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    Chillax baby girl :) My first 50# came off almost effortlessly. There will be weeks where you don't lose, while your body catches up, and you will lose inches sometimes. Sodium could also be playing a big part and it could be water retention. Don't stress out about it. Just change something like your exercise (lift instead of cardio for a few weeks, etc.), or your diet or your body will adjust and want to maintain based on what you've been doing.
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    just keep doing what you're doing sweetness!!!! You are doing great.... I had to hide the scale from myself because i was OBSESSED and i can be still but i had to look at pictures and measurements and how i felt in clothes that made me realize I'm doing something right!!!
  • kaseysospacey
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    I lift and do cardio but mix it up a LOT except for squate which I do every day right now w my trusty kettlebell to make it harder :p
  • Lyssagwinn72
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    Please do not give up! Just keep trying. I have felt like it this past week. I gained 4lbs over night?? I exercise and watch what I eat but it's still there. But don't turn back it will be worth it in the end.