What's your favorite low fat/low carb vegetarian dish?

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Hey All!

What's your favorite low fat %/or low carb vegetarian dish for weight-loss?
Breakfast Lunches Dinners



  • mgleason01
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    For breakfast Veggie egg white scramble with mushrooms, onions, and red peppers. Adding a little laughing cow cheese gives it a creamier texture! Add some blackberries and/or strawberries!

    For lunch, a simple stir fry with broccoli, snow peas, and carrots. I cook my vegetables in a little chicken broth to soften them a bit and then sauté them in a little olive oil (one tsp for 3 servings) plus fresh ginger, fresh garlic, and a little reduced sodium soy sauce. Quick, easy, tasty and filling. You can add some tofu for protein.
  • Sunbrooke
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    My new favorite thing is blended extra firm tofu with dip mix (usually spinach), then I sauté it with chopped frozen spinach (thawed in the pan) to thicken it. I use this as a filling for sheets of phyllo to make hand pies. One sheet of phyllo for 1/2 cup filling. They have about 110 calories each and are inexpensive. I also use it as a cheese substitue for plant based lasagna. Using eggplant as the noodles. My lasagna has about 120 calories in a one cup square.

    Like the poster above said. I also always have a big stir fry with leeks, mushrooms, and other veggies that look good at the store. Savoy cabbage is one of my favorites. I use a little wine/sesame oil (1/2 Tbsp)/ and some soy sauce to sauté. If you want something other than just veggies, try adding some shiratake noodles. Just rinse them very well.
  • lwagnitz
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    My homemade veggie soup, with vegan broth, tofu, spinach or kale, baby red potatoes, broccoli, carrots and whatever seasonings I want that day :)
  • pocketmole
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    chili! :]
  • HungryHyena
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    Thai red curry w/ eggplant and fresh basil. Sometimes I throw some green beans in, mushrooms, whatever's good and in the fridge. For breakfast lately I've made a good casserole of egg, kale, and feta cheese w/ some Tony's cajun seasoning. It's awesome and it covers breakfast for the week; I got it from Kaylyn's Kitchen blog.