What's your favorite beer?



  • accelerashawn
    accelerashawn Posts: 470 Member
    Hercules Double IPA
    I love this stuff...unfiltered...hop particles floating about...punch you in the face flavor...mmmm
  • Jacwhite22
    Jacwhite22 Posts: 7,015 Member
    Double Chocolate Stout
    Boddington's Pub Ale
  • Ang108
    Ang108 Posts: 1,711 Member
    Indio or Sol
  • WombatHat42
    WombatHat42 Posts: 192 Member
    Depends, my default is Blue moon. But I found a couple good Russian darks that were pretty good. John Smiths in UK if I am looking for cheap. Smithwicks is good. And Heineken I enjoy. Pretty much I like them all, but prefer bitters and darks and IPA but hate Guinness for some reason.
  • cms721
    cms721 Posts: 179 Member
    Blonde Fatale
    Peacetree Brewery - Knoxville, Iowa
  • neveragain84
    neveragain84 Posts: 534 Member
    Rolling Rock.
  • shapelyJ
    shapelyJ Posts: 57 Member
    Brew Dog punk IPA

    Most of their beers are amazing though, but the punk IPA is simply the best.

    Chimay Rouge
    Innis&Gunn rum finish
    Zeunerts Höga Kusten (70% lager 30% ale)

    New favorite: Sundbybergs Saison passionfruit ale
  • 808Kine
    808Kine Posts: 60 Member
    I know I'm not a true connoisseur because I don't like IPA's :tongue: I really like wheat beers including the hefewiezens.....Kona Brew Co. here in HI makes some nice brews!
  • tabicatinthehat
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  • FrozenSongBird
    FrozenSongBird Posts: 3,892 Member
    Blue Moon and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
  • linkirving
    linkirving Posts: 121 Member
    Coming form the UK it never ceases to amaze me what Americans are quiet happy to call and pass off as "Beer"...

    Did you even read this thread? Try an American craftbeer. You'll wish you could live here and be a part of the American craftbeer explosion.
  • Keepcalmanddontblink
    Keepcalmanddontblink Posts: 718 Member
    Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is my all time favorite. We gave up drinking, and I miss those beers!
  • sw33tp3a11
    sw33tp3a11 Posts: 4,646 Member
  • Hoegaarden
  • frood
    frood Posts: 295 Member
    Stone Arrogant *kitten* is my go-to. I do love some Pliny the Younger, but it's so hard to get! In general I like IPAs and sours.

    Cheers. :drinker:
  • yogicarl
    yogicarl Posts: 1,260 Member
    Anything in the Badger series as it is Vegan.
  • AMHouse85
    AMHouse85 Posts: 285 Member
    Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout

    Sam Adams Chocolate Cherry Bock

    Founders Rübæus

    But I'm always willing to try anything, never know until you try.
  • JeaninePaige
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  • CPrun1
    CPrun1 Posts: 550
    Stella Artois