First mini-goal: 20 lbs down! (pics)

Of course I'm just at the beginning of my journey, but I wanted to share my first mini-goal success with you!

I had been in the 230's for most of the past year (I'm 5'6 by the way). Then I started bingeing every day and gained 20lbs in TWO MONTHS, which brought me up to 257.5 lbs and I basically avoided the mirror by that point! I was full and bloated constantly.

The "before" picture is from a Mother's Day visit with my mom, who later let me know that my recent weight gain had NOT gone unnoticed and she was scared for my health and urged me to lose weight. I was embarrassed to say the least, but I knew she was right, and it helped me get my *kitten* in gear. I knew I couldn't see her again a few months later and still be just as big, or bigger. I couldn't possibly justify that.

It's taken 3 months to lose 20 lbs - the first few weeks were simply a process of ceasing my daily binges and cutting out my trigger foods (cheese, full fat mayo, and pasta mainly - out of sight, out of mind). After a few weeks of getting used to that, I began counting calories on MFP, taking walks, and eventually doing the 30 Day Shred (which, I found out, you CAN do even if you're outta shape and 250 lbs!)

I've lost a couple inches off my midsection, and I do feel more confident already, and I think my face looks less puffy, which I was really excited about :)

Now that I got rid of those "excess" 20 lbs I can focus on my next mini-goal: Another 20 lbs by December 1st!



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