Anyone out there Ran or plan to run the Spartan Sprints/Race

So I started on 1/1/14 at 310 lbs and set a goal of being under 200 lbs and running the Spartan Sprint in Late Feb. 2015 ... I am under 240 lbs and well on my way to meeting my weight goal. I am ramp up my Cardio endurance to be able to maintain a pace that is respectable for someone 40 years old doing such a race for the first time... I am strength training and doing core workouts 3 - 4 times a week ...

I am hoping that maybe some out there have ran these races and could give some extra tips on workouts that will help maximize performance in dealing with the various obstacles. I am sure there are some standard obstacles they have year after year...

Any help would be appreciated !


  • Mighty_Rabite
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    I've only been to a Sprint so far, but I've got a Super lined up in three weeks and a Beast in seven weeks. x___x

    Cardio endurance is a great thing to have there, as well as a foundation of core strength; I'm not sure what's standard given my single race, but the one I had was a lot like general hiking outside of the obstacles, and obstacles included climbing various walls (6-8 feet in height, one inverted wall), cargo net, hoisting a 110lb sandbag to the top of an apparatus via rope and then lowering it, a traverse wall, rope climb.. some of the obstacles I had no remote preparation for (hello, javelin toss!) but most of them weren't too bad.

    Some obstacles are penalized with burpees if the participant couldn't complete, so burpees would be solid to be able to perform!
  • cmpnaz
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    Thanks for the insight .. do a lot of hiking already ... will add more Burpees to routine ....Not sure if I will push to Super or Beast in the future will see how this one goes ... Going to be running it with my 16 yo Son ... not looking to set records at 40 just keep up with him and finish in a decent time!
  • Joreanasaurous
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    Hills and burpees!